Methane Detector Challenge Canada 2017

What We Do

Methane is a potent greenhouse gas, and it has a more powerful warming effect than CO2 when released directly into the atmosphere. That said, it persists for a much shorter time in the atmosphere than CO2. Since methane is the primary gas molecule contained in natural gas, leaks in producing, transporting, and utilizing natural gas will release methane into the atmosphere and offset some of natural gas’s carbon benefits. As a result, the industry needs to reduce methane emissions associated with natural gas production to support the overall climate benefit of the fuel. While our emissions are assessed to be relatively low, Shell has a range of voluntary initiatives in place to continue to reduce our emissions, including:

  • Programs to detect and repair methane leaks;
  • Energy-efficiency measures;
  • Programs to reduce flaring and venting.

Our Methane Fact Sheet provides a comprehensive narrative of what we do: Shell On-Shore Operating Principles in Action in North America: Methane Fact Sheet