Using technology and data in shales

Using technology and data in shales

Efficiently using technology and data to make operations better, safer and cleaner. Using digital information from field equipment to prioritize maintenance work.

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A Beacon Of Innovation

A Beacon Of Innovation

Shell completed construction of the first integrated iShale® multi-well pad and production facility system in the East Slash Ranch development area of its Permian Basin asset, in West Texas.

Shell’s Integrated Multi-Well Pad
Innovating Safety – Shell Drone Program

Innovating Safety – Shell Drone Program

Shell is developing multi-mission surveillance drones for its’ shales operations for greater efficiency and safety.  

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Inside shales

Benefits of Natural Gas

Natural gas is a clean-burning, efficient fuel.

Where We Operate

We are involved in seven shale projects in North America. We are also active in the Vaca Muerta shale play in Argentina.

How We Operate

We develop onshore natural gas projects with a long-term view that measures success in multiple dimensions: economic, social and environmental.

Nimble as an Independent, Strong as a Major

Shell’s shale business is competitive against its regional and international peers through its nimbleness of an independent as well as the strength of a major.


Shell’s iShaleTM leverages recent advances in automation, digitalization and advanced analytics to enhance well productivity.

Social and environmental responsibility

Shell conducts its operations in socially and environmentally responsible manner.

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