Hurricane Harvey affected the lives of millions of people in the Houston area. While the aftermath of the flooding is still being dealt with, it’s the strength of the people who came together to help one another that will be remembered most. We’re celebrating the ordinary people that did extraordinary things to help. Community organizations - The Houston Food Bank, BakerRipley and YMCA - nominated five of the six heroic individuals. We like to think of them as the "Heroes of Houston."

Shell’s Heroes of Houston include:

  • Joy McCormack who helped the YMCA collect and distribute an estimated 70,000 pounds of donations
  • Michael Barton and his team sat Mormon Helping Hands who tirelessly cleared out people’s homes after the floodwater had gone.
  • Mark E. Steiner who organized and distributed mountains of donated baby supplies at the NRG Center.
  • Enrique and Julia Uresti who volunteered every day at a BakerRipley community center connecting people with disaster recovery services.
  • Tom Ashworth who volunteered 6 days a week at the Houston Food Bank even though his own home was flooded.
Image featuring the five global music artists for the On Top of the World video.

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