Shell returns to New Orleans
Jubilant Shell employees come back to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina

Sustainable development remains firmly at the core of our business strategy.

Our role is to enable deep water oil and gas projects in a responsible way to help meet rising energy demand, and our approach to sustainable development is to operate safely, minimize our impact on the environment, and continue to be a trusted member of the Gulf Coast community.

In developing deep water projects and operating our facilities, we must balance short- and long-term interests. This means integrating economic, environmental and social considerations into our business decisions from the earliest stage.

This approach helps us develop projects without undue delays and at the same time minimize the environmental and social impact of our operations. It also enables us to better share the benefits of our activities, such as creating new jobs and contracts to help boost local economies.

We can achieve more when working in partnership with governments, communities and other stakeholders. We believe it takes all of us working together to create lasting change.

That's why we promote, encourage and support collaborative efforts to improve our communities, preserve important environments, and enhance educational opportunities for our future workforce. Collaboration helps maximize the impact of our investments and enables sustainability long after our support.

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