Keep in mind, due to COVID-19, there are additional precautions you may have to think through to keep you and others safe while on the road but below are 5 of our go-tos:

  1. Traveling at night! This has been a life saver for us; especially in the early stages of the kids’ first year of life. The goal is to make your road trip as stress-free as can be. Traveling at night, in our opinion, makes your little one feel as close as possible to being in their normal environment. Bringing a sound machine, your child’s favorite blanket, or even their favorite teddy bear will really make them feel comfortable. Pro-tip: be sure you are well-rested and that you check your headlights ahead of time to ensure you’re ready to hit the road at night. We like to take turns driving to make sure we stay as alert as possible
  2. Snacks on deck! Any great road trip always has snacks ready to enjoy on demand. A hungry baby is definitively not your friend, especially on long haul trips. Because it’s a road trip, you have the luxury of being able to purchase any snack you want and bring it along. When we take our road trips, we always stop at a Shell Station and stock up on our favorite treats! And when purchasing snacks in store we earn Fuel Rewards points which helps us save money on fuel! One tip we have learned the hard way is to stay away from giving children chocolate or other sweets. This gives them even more energy that they really cannot use or get out of their system because they are strapped in their car seats. Here we recommend utilizing healthier options to fill them up. This gets the job done without creating restlessness.
  3. Move to the beat! Music has saved us plenty of times during road trips so it’s only right we include it in this list. Not only is music a good way to help the adults relax, but it is also a good tool to keep little ones entertained. We create a travel playlist with our kids’ favorite songs to keep the good times going. We also make a separate playlist for when they go to sleep so the adults can have some fun too. Additionally, you can take advantage of audiobooks to create magical story times with your little ones. The goal is to create memories you will never forget, and sing-alongs and stories are the perfect way to do it. Taking a last-minute trip? Check out Shell Station’s curated playlists on Spotify here.
  4. Red means STOP! One thing we often forget is that taking road trips with toddlers has to be thought through. Planning ahead for stops makes things go a lot smoother. Keep in mind that toddlers do not have the mind control to just sit and be still. Most cannot tell time either so they cannot reason with themselves to sit still for long periods of time. By taking frequent stops you are giving them and yourself an opportunity to reset, stretch, go to the restroom, etc. You can also get creative here by pre-planning your stops so it’s not random places but rather places you all can actually enjoy. Try taking a break at a park. Although it may make your trip longer, your little ones will appreciate the quality time.
  5. One final tip is save money on gas! When taking a road trip, you can certainly expect gas prices to fluctuate as your travel from place to place. Sometimes, the prices do not work in our favor. But if you plan out gas stops at Shell; you can make sure you’re saving money each time you fill up using the Fuel Rewards Program.

There you have it guys! We hope this makes your road trips a bit more enjoyable and easier! See you on the road soon

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