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The COVID-19 pandemic has spread throughout the world, changing the lives of Americans and creating greater demands on health care and front line workers, first responders and food banks. It has also significantly increased stress and anxiety for men, women and children more than ever before.

Shell US is focused on doing our part to aid in the response and will continue to contribute to COVID 19 relief efforts across the country and especially in communities closest to our employees and operations. 

During the month of May, we are contributing more than a half million dollars to support the communities where we live and work in direct and in-kind donations to national and local initiatives to care for and feed our colleagues, neighbors, front-line workers, and first responders. 

If you can help, please consider donating to Feeding America® or Mental Health America® today.

Hand sanitizer


To date, Shell in the US has donated more than $2 million to cash contributions/employee match programs, additional assistance to food banks, support for including mental health service, front-line worker assistance and in-kind donations of PPE, medical supplies, meals, and fuel.

Shell has also increased production of critical components of IPA and acetone and redeployed operations for production of hand sanitizer.

More on the Shell US COVID-19 Response

Shell US COVID-19 Response

The COVID-19 pandemic has spread through the world, devastating the lives of Americans, and Shell US is focused on doing our part to aid in the response. 

Staying connected through COVID-19

These are extraordinary times. Given the threat COVID-19 poses to our community, it is natural to worry about the health of ourselves and our loved ones. 

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