The Shell Graduate Program

The Shell Graduate Program is designed to help you make the most of your professional potential. From day one, you’ll have a supervisor and mentor to help you establish and execute an Individual Development Plan outlining your career goals and how you’ll achieve them. This plan dictates how much time you’ll spend in the program, which can be anywhere from 2 to 3 years. Throughout this time, you’ll be placed in a wide range of hands-on roles with competence-building tasks challenging and inspiring you to discover your strengths, develop your skills and broaden your experience in various real-world situations. 

This program will also give you the opportunity to hone your expertise and leadership abilities and obtain industry-recognized qualifications through formal training courses, discipline-specific e-learning modules and world-class workshops. In addition, you’ll receive support from an international network of seasoned industry professionals. To monitor and track your performance in the program, your supervisor and mentor will conduct regular progress checks. Finally, upon successful completion of your final review, you’ll be placed in the Shell Advanced Technical Program, which will prepare you for a more senior role at our company.

Cost Engineering

In this position, you’ll play a critical role in forecasting, planning, reporting and cost control throughout all phases of assigned projects. Efficiency will be your primary focus – and your key to a successful career here.

Roles and responsibilities

Qualifications include:

  • Experience in, or a solid understanding of, all functional aspects of cost engineering, including estimating, budgeting, forecasting, commitment control, change control, variations and contract management
  • Thorough knowledge of capital project processes
  • The ability to prepare clear, concise and meaningful reports utilizing your own analyses as well as information from third parties

 Additional responsibilities:

  • Proactively monitoring progress against the budget
  • Supporting project and turnaround execution in all aspects of logistic planning
  • Compiling and reporting on site/department cost reports
  • Identifying delays and proposing solutions
  • Maintaining an accurate project database in order to support site project portfolio management and prepare budget for final endorsement
  • Supporting project engineers to monitor and control cost phasing and actual expenditures
  • Monitoring spending and commitment and identifying early warning signs for any potential overspending/underspending
  • Ensuring the success of turnaround execution with adequate logistic planning


Training and development opportunities

In your learning journey at Shell, you’ll spend 2 to 3 years building your competence through hands-on projects. You will also participate in formal education courses, with the support and guidance of technical coaches, and you will have regular progress checks to ensure you stay on track.


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