Shell aims to be a major provider of renewable and low-carbon energy. We want to find ways of helping customers – whether households or businesses – to switch to these options through renewable and low-carbon energy and decarbonisation services.

There has never been a more exciting time to work at Shell. Help solve one of the biggest challenges facing the world today: bringing the benefits of energy to everyone on the planet, whilst managing the risks of climate change.

Join our project managers, strategists, engineers, and business development professionals and bring your talent, imagination, and enthusiasm to a business with the power to shape the future – whether it is through investments in renewables, exploring new ways to store energy or developing technology that helps the world to use energy more efficiently.

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Customer Solutions

Businesswoman explaining solar panel model during meeting in office

We are partnering with business customers to create decarbonisation roadmaps and implement the best suited solutions that will help them achieve their targets efficiently, as well as providing over 2 million households with renewable electricity.

Teams in our Customer Solutions focus on :

  • Accelerating customer-centric innovation, capturing and championing excellence across the regions, and working with other Shell customer-facing businesses to drive sectoral decarbonisation and demand for lower-carbon products and solutions.
  • Develop decarbonisation strategies and partnerships, bringing together the best of Shell and securing strategic deals for cleaner energy and low carbon solutions.
  • Developing clean energy solutions that will enable customers to meet their decarbonisation goals and bring value to Shell as part of our Integrated Power Strategy.


Man filling up electric vehicle with Shell Recharge

Shell is building an interconnected power business through which we produce, buy, trade, store, and supply power directly to customers, powering homes, businesses, and vehicles. Shell’s presence across this ‘power value chain’ enables us to design integrated solutions for our customers. We aim to be a leading provider of low-carbon power for customers selling 560 terawatt hours a year by 2030 – twice as much as today and serving more than 15 million customers worldwide.

Teams in our Power Business focus on :

  • Developing, delivering, and continuously improving a portfolio of new products, services, and business models in the Energy Solutions space aiming to meet the current and future needs of commercial, industrial, and institutional customers.
  • Leading and supporting the development of Power Strategies for our core countries, in close collaboration with our businesses along the value chain.
  • Growing our Renewables and Energy Solutions and Offshore Wind portfolio
  • Scaling and evolving Shell’s Energy Charging Hub
  • Leading the development of power generation projects (offshore wind, gas-fired, etc.)
  • Originating commercial opportunities, tailoring energy solutions that will help business customers to navigate successfully through the energy transition and control energy costs, manage risks and reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Supporting and enabling customers and other partners in their journey towards their carbon emissions and sustainability targets.


Man filling up vehicle with Shell Hydrogen

Hydrogen has a critical role to play in helping the world reach net-zero emissions, particularly as a decarbonisation solution for hard-to-electrify sectors like heavy-duty transport, heavy industry, marine and aviation. Shell sees opportunities across the hydrogen supply chain, including the production, storage, transport via pipelines, shipping of hydrogen and end-customer solutions. We plan to build on our leading position by developing integrated hydrogen hubs that serve these sectors, and over time, achieve a double-digit share of global clean hydrogen sales.

Teams in our Hydrogen business focus on :

  • Bringing zero emissions mobility to all sectors of global transportation and provide technical expertise to support all aspects of the Hydrogen Mobility business
  • Supporting new business opportunities through the development and delivery of Shell Hydrogen products
  • Developing business opportunities in line with the strategic plan to grow the hydrogen business
  • Planning the strategic expansion of stations in key markets

Shell Ventures

Two engineers looking over the wind turbines

Advanced technology and new business models are disrupting the global energy system. Shell Ventures is at the forefront of these changes, as an investor and partner to help commercialise innovative businesses. Shell Ventures works with startups and Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) from their early stages to their scale and growth phases. Beyond funding, Shell Ventures provides access to a broad network of technical experts, co-investors, suppliers, and customers, along with support from dedicated implementation experts, who help these SMEs find deployment opportunities in Shell’s assets and businesses.

Teams in Shell Ventures focus on :

  • Leading and facilitating investments in start-ups and businesses to harness innovative solutions that can accelerate the energy and mobility transformation.
  • Stimulating deployment of the technologies and business models which Shell Ventures has invested in.
  • Ensuring the Shell Businesses and capital project teams generate value from the early access to new technologies and business models created through venturing.
  • Tapping into the resources of the wider Shell organisation to further help the team’s innovative portfolio companies reach the next level in their development.

Nature Based Solutions (NBS)

Lady exploring nature from her car

Despite the rapid growth of lower-carbon energy, there are still carbon dioxide emissions that are hard to avoid. Nature plays a crucial role in removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and Shell is investing in forests, wetlands and other natural ecosystems around the world, to reduce emissions and capture more carbon dioxide while benefitting biodiversity and local communities. Shell also invests in verified projects that offer carbon credits in return for protecting or restoring nature.

Teams in Natue Based Solutions (NBS) focus on :

  • Developing Shell’s business model and growth approach to realize NBS’s potential
  • Leading project investments that will yield carbon credits in the near to medium term
  • Helping originate and mature business opportunities in projects and/or third parties that generate carbon credits from nature
  • Developing and shaping the NBS strategy for the designated focus countries including the development of competitor and partnering strategies
  • Developing carbon neutral energy products to sell to existing and new customers

Carbon Capture Storage (CCS)

Two Shell engineers looking over Carbon Capture and Storage

For other hard to avoid carbon dioxide emissions, Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) removes carbon dioxide from the source of the emissions and stores them away safely. We are developing commercial CCS hubs that enable decarbonisation of multiple customers by capturing some of their unavoidable carbon emissions and are working with governments to help shape their net-zero emission pathways and advocate for CCS through active membership in industrial organisations.

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