Shell works closely with key Technical Schools to recruit talent for temporary internship opportunities for our plants and field operations.  As an intern, you can learn and demonstrate key skills on-the-job, where you can be part of a high-performance team that works to keep a huge chemical plant, refinery or offshore platform running at peak efficiency

We are in search of safety-conscious, detail-oriented team players who are looking to gain work experience and apply their skills with an industry leader.

Our lines of business

Downstream Manufacturing

Much of the work in refineries involves moving crude oil and finished products through miles of pipes.  This is a 24/7 process - the refinery never sleeps.  Gauges must be constantly monitored and checked, and connections maintained to keep our energy flowing.  What is most exciting about downstream manufacturing is transforming crude oil into raw ingredients which are used to produce many of the products we use every day.  From the fuel that powers our cars, to the packaging of food and cosmetic products; oil impacts our lives every day.

Onshore Production

Shell is a leader in exploration and development of onshore resources, which represent a new energy frontier. With recent technological advancements, onshore oil and gas fields are now delivering a significant amount of America’s energy resources. If you’re looking for a challenging career in at the forefront of technology, a career in onshore operations could be for you.

Offshore Exploration

Much of the oil produced today comes from offshore platforms operating in waters throughout the world.  Once oil has been discovered deep beneath the ocean floor, a production platform is required to bring the oil and gas to the surface to begin the production process.  These platforms are often located hundreds of miles offshore, and operate 24/7. The crews on platforms work in shifts around-the-clock to maintain efficient production with a continuous focus on safety and environmental protection. The typical offshore worker has a 14-day on/14-day off, rotating 12-hour shift.  While offshore, workers receive free food and lodging, and have access to recreation and fitness facilities as well as other entertainment.


Shell Midstream Partners, LP was formed by Shell to own, operate, develop and acquire pipelines and other midstream assets. Our assets consist of pipelines, crude tank storage and terminal systems that serve as key infrastructure to transport and store onshore and offshore crude oil production to Gulf Coast and Midwest refining markets and to deliver refined products from Gulf Coast markets to major demand centers.

Shell Midstream currently owns the largest refined products pipeline in the country, and operate 6 tank farms across the US. We transport more than 1.5 billion barrels of crude oil and refined products annually through 3800 pipeline miles across the Gulf of Mexico and 16 states, in addition to various non-operated interests connecting us with another 8000 pipeline miles.  We carry more than 40 different kinds of crude oil and 20 different grades of gasoline as well as diesel fuel, jet fuel, chemicals and ethylene – products that are fundamental to our modern lifestyle.

What we look for in an ideal candidate

  • Safety-conscious, detail-oriented team player
  • Mechanically inclined
  • Has or can obtain a Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) card.  Note, information regarding TWIC qualification standards may be found at
  • Must be enrolled within 12 months of graduating or have graduated no more than 24 months prior to application, with a cumulative GPA (Grade Point Average) of 2.5 or higher (on a 4.0 scale) in the following areas of study:
    • Associate Degree from an accredited program in
      • Process/Production Technology (Oil & Gas Technology, Process Technology, Production Technology, Integrated Production Technology, etc.)
      • Petroleum Technology
      • Instrumentation Technology
      • Electrical/Electronic Technology (Electrical, Electronics, Mechatronics, etc.)
      • Mechanical (Compressor Technology, Diesel Maintenance, Industrial Maintenance, Industrial Technology)

Selection Process


For some vacancies, we conduct pre-employment assessments to identify job-specific behaviors required for our positions. Candidates who are selected for these assessments will be notified via e-mail and sent an Online Assessment (OLA) link. Some candidates may then be invited to a proctored, skill-based assessment after having passed the OLA. Candidates who are selected for the skill-based assessment will be notified via email and sent an invitation to self-schedule an appointment.

Please note that if you have successfully completed our test battery in the past 5 years, you are not required to re-test; we will have your successful scores on file. If you have been unsuccessful, you will not be permitted to take the assessment within 4 months of your last assessment date.

Final Assessment

Those candidates most closely meeting the hiring requirements will be contacted to schedule an interview. If you are selected, you will receive an e-mail requesting you to register yourself for the interview time that works best for you. Those who are not selected will also receive an e-mail notification. The interview is behavioral based and may also include a technical component

At the completion of the Testing Phase, candidates who meet the minimum test score requirement will be assessed, and those who most closely meet Shell’s hiring criteria will be forwarded to the Operations Hiring Team for review.


Candidates selected for a "Conditional Internship Offer" will receive an offer package and detailed instructions on completion requirements. You should focus on completing all requirements as soon as possible. Candidates who do not successfully complete all the required background, medical and reference checks prior to the start of the internship may not be permitted to begin the internship.

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FAQs for Student Operators

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