After 35 years here at Shell, it’s pretty amazing to look back and see just how far we as a company and the world have come. When I reflect on where I was starting out as a new hire – one of two women on a platform of over 190 people helping extract hydrocarbons as Shell’s primary income source – to now – one of many women in leadership helping to further grow our already impressive renewable energy/New Energies business, I can’t help but think how lucky I’ve been to have been able to play a role in helping the world progress through the energy transition.

Though I couldn’t have predicted it, over the past few decades I’ve been able to parlay my interest in social justice and technical acuity for deep-water operations into making offshore wind effective and cost competitive. Together, we’ve been able to expand offshore wind farms beyond the few countries in the west that were using it in 2019 – now they’re just about everywhere, and (finally!) robust enough to withstand substantial damage from hurricanes and tropical cyclones while still being able to harness energy from them. It was partly through that critical innovation that we were able to bring inexpensive power that, to this day, helps fuel the lives of those in our global community who are more socioeconomically disadvantaged – giving them unprecedented access to things I grew up taking for granted here in the U.S. – a heated home throughout cold winter months, artificial light to allow me to study after the sun went down, gas (well – a charge!) in the tank to take me to the hospital when I got sick, and the internet to provide me access to a world of diverse perspectives different than my own.

Who knew that when I started – fresh out of college and thinking I’d be working for an oil and gas company – that I was joining a community of passionate, committed people that were already doing and would continue to do so much more? I feel honored to have been a part of it, even if in a small way.

Engineer at Shell


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