“I joined Shell’s IT Graduate Program to develop my knowledge of both the business management and technical sides of implementing new IT systems. The program ensured a smooth transition into the wider organization. One of my proudest moments was developing the Shell Retail Site Manager App.

"IT people want to go to other techie companies who might be better known in the public eye. But I chose Shell because I had heard outstanding things about Shell’s Graduate Program for IT."

Yongqin Du
Yongqin Du,Graduate Recruitment Portrait Photography, London,2015

Why choose Shell for IT?

Though at the time I had good offers from the academic and financial sectors, I felt Shell had something more to offer.

I liked the fact that the graduate program for IT is three-years with job rotations and lots of training. I’d also heard that salary progression is not only good and very competitive for a PhD graduate, but that Shell offers you the opportunity to try different things. For me it was all about structure the focus on developing yourself. I was even more encouraged by Shell’s willingness to be flexible on both my start date and starting position.

I was assigned a mentor six months after joining. HR chose a mentor who matched my needs and abilities, but the selection process was very much two-way. We see each other every month, continuing an excellent support network, but we are not in the same area of IT, so we do not have any reporting relationship or conflicts of interest.

"I have an interesting, challenging and meaningful role for which I was given real responsibility from the beginning."

Yongqin Du

Part of the family

The learning process to make you feel like an important part of the organization is very well managed by the graduate program. When you’re involved in a big project you start to talk about making change. The work I do makes a difference to our organization and customers – it’s visible. You also receive recognition for your work. Eight months after I joined the program I received a Vice President’s Award for achievement.

Ultimately, Shell’s long-term future must capitalise on opportunities that mobile now offers the business and end customers, as well as soliciting proposals and turning mobile opportunities into projects, I’m also an ambassador for IT. I regularly communicate and educate the benefits of mobile technology to the rest of the organization. Furthermore, I’m now part of the Shell Campus Ambassador Program, returning regularly to my old university to present to current students.

I believe that Shell’s people-orientated approach to training and to its staff is instrumental in developing not just a supremely talented workforce, but also a passionate one. I like that there are few other companies with our scale of globalisation. And above all, I like the job. It is an interesting, challenging and meaningful role for which I was given real responsibility from the beginning.”

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