The Shell Graduate Program lasts 3 years on average, depending on your chosen area, and is the beginning of a career-long development program that places high value on flexibility and a great work-life balance.

What to expect on the Program

  • Your Learning Journey

    Within your 2-3 year rotation in the program, you’ll be moulded to be a future leader through on-the-job challenges, coaching and mentoring and formal training.

  • Tailored Graduate Development

    Your unique Graduate Development Plan is an agreed course of action with your manager to help track your progress and steer your learning.

  • End-of-Program Assessment

    At the end of your program, your performance and achievements will be reviewed and will determine your next steps for your career.

Choose the Shell path for you

Shell is one of the world’s largest companies, with variety of roles and opportunities, globally. To help you find the best place for your skills, we’ve organised our Graduate Program into three distinct business areas.



In Global Functions, you’ll help deliver the specialist advice that enables us to operate as a highly competitive global business. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to work and collaborate with teams across the globe.

Function-specific programs include:

  • Human Resources
  • Contracting and Procurement
  • Finance
  • Information and Digital Technology



In Commercial, our Upstream, Downstream, Supply Chain, Integrated Gas and Renewables and Energy Solutions business programs will drive your development by enabling you to closely collaborate with customers and business partners and drive innovation to keep our business competitive. As you move through different experiences on live projects, we’ll provide you with continuous learning in the form of training courses, e-learning modules and workshops.

It is likely that you will undertake two to three different assignments during your time in the program. You may experience a varied cross-business assignment depending on your development goals.

Business-specific programs include:

  • Downstream Commercial
  • Supply Chain
  • Renewable and Energy Solutions Commercial
  • Upstream and Integrated Gas Commercial

“The Shell Graduate Program is how I started in the commercial side of the business. It’s a pretty awesome experience, with lots of support and special opportunities as a new employee. It was a good way to kickstart my career.”
Laura, Market Account Manager



Our technical teams work on some of the most exciting projects in the world. Whether you’re an engineer or a scientist, you’ll have the chance to use and develop state of the art technology, gaining unrivalled hands-on experience. Within our diverse global teams, you’ll find yourself working with leading minds and industry experts from around the world.

It is intended to accelerate your development to equip you to make decisions independently in preparation for leadership roles in a duration of 2-3 years. This competence-driven approach enables you to grow a broader technical skill base, with exposure to discipline-specific skills as well as non-technical skills.

Discipline-specific programs:

  • Process Engineering
  • Projects
  • Civil Offshore and Pipelines
  • Geoscience
  • Instrumentation Control and Electrical
  • Maritime
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Research and Development
  • Safety and Environment
  • Upstream Production
  • Wells

Hear from our graduates:

“I work offshore on a rig and I meet all sorts of people from different backgrounds. It is inspiring to see​ people across the company working in other areas, but we all have the same passion to transition to lower-carbon energy. It’s great that I am part of a team and I don’t have to make this journey on my own.​”
Hayley, Engineer

“I could see myself working at Shell for the rest of my career. The technology is very interesting. Flying offshore to work on a platform isn’t something I think I could do at most companies. But what really keeps me here are the people.”
Ryan, Engineer

“There is a place for anyone who likes technology within Shell. We have sizeable technology centres with lots of innovation projects, many of which are focused on the energy transition.​”
Thomas​, Energy Transition Advisor

Trading and Supply

Shell Truck for Supply and Distribution

Shell Trading & Supply (T&S) is one of the largest energy trading organisations in the world with hubs in London, Houston, Singapore, Dubai and Rotterdam. 

We support the Shell group through trading crude oil, refined products, low-carbon fuels, power, liquefied natural gas (LNG), chemical feedstocks, environmental products and freight services in trading hubs around the world. We are active in most energy markets across the globe, sourcing from a wide range of suppliers and selling to a wide range of customers.

T&S consists of a number of separate businesses that belong to the Shell group of companies. This provides us access to an integrated network of supply and distribution activities and industry-leading shipping and maritime capabilities, allowing us to operate as a truly integrated supply chain and add value to Shell across our Upstream, Downstream and Integrated Gas, Renewables and Energy Solutions businesses.

We strive to bring stable and secure energy to millions of communities across the world while continuing to push towards a net-zero carbon future. Our people in Trading and Supply ensure this energy reaches our customers on time, efficiently and at better value by forging mutually beneficial partnerships. 

Our Products team ensures that our customers receive fuels on time. Our people source refined products and feedstocks from a wide range of global suppliers and deliver 6 million barrels of fuels to customers each day. 

The Crude team trades more than 8 million barrels of physical oil each day. We are active in most crude oil markets, sourcing from a wide range of suppliers and selling to a wide range of customers both internal and external to Shell. 

Distribution Operations 
Our Distribution Operations team moves Shell fuel stocks from the refineries to terminals; stores, blends and processes products; and transports the products to customers ranging from governments and aviation clients to retail sites. 

Commercial Operations 
Our Commercial Operations team makes Trading and Supply an easy organisation to work, transact and partner with. Our teams constantly work towards advancing our processes, platforms and data capabilities to deliver a seamless experience to our partners and customers. 

Our Energy team provides LNG, gas, power, and environmental products by growing integrated value chains and unlocking demand. They also lead industry sector decarbonisation on behalf of Shell by exploring and managing emerging value chains such as the marketing of carbon capture and storage (CCS). 

Shipping and Maritime 
Our Shipping and Maritime team leads industry coalitions in maritime safety, decarbonisation and port and operational efficiencies. Transferring cargo every six minutes at locations across the world, this is our centre of expertise for ship and maritime risk management, commercial delivery, digitalisation and innovation. 

Why apply for a Trading and Supply graduate role?

Drive global solutions
At Trading & Supply, our focus on enabling real growth and change at scale means that you can help to power lives across the planet. Our collaborative approach to problem-solving will give you the opportunity to work with partners across multiple disciplines and to innovate for a cleaner energy future.

Get empowered, thrive in your career
Shell’s global business reach ensures there are always a variety of projects to engage your interests, enabling you to collaborate with industry experts, make meaningful connections, learn from peers around the globe and grow your career. Reinforcing this is our culture of respect, care and inclusivity that creates an environment where everyone should feel safe and empowered.

Explore your passions through diverse opportunities
As a graduate at Shell Trading & Supply, you can look forward to a fulfilling career, with global opportunities and the flexibility to try different roles to find your true passion. We are looking for bright minds that enjoy a challenge and look forward to making a positive impact.

Hear from our graduates

“My experience as a T&S graduate has been amazing. The people, pace, complexity and significance of the work we do is immensely satisfying. It makes coming to work every day a real joy.”
Alexander, Energy Trader

“Shell is one of the world’s largest commodities trading firms and the people that make up T&S have decades of experience to share and learn from, which makes being here a truly one-of-a-kind experience for those early in their career.”
Patrick, Commercial Operator

“The T&S grad program challenges you professionally, but also gives you the means needed to excel. It empowered me to feel like I was working towards something while helping me see my growth throughout the process.”
Eric, Sale Rotational Analyst

“Roles in T&S let you understand the plumbing of the world. Whether it’s gauging the political repercussions of Brexit through driver shortages, political sentiment through protestor activity, economic activity through the trading and supply of jet fuel, or lead times in a supply chain, there’s a lot to learn for the intellectual and the curious. No two days are the same!"
Zara, Distribution Operations Analyst

Life beyond learning

Along with opportunities to learn and grow, we want your first years at Shell to be enjoyable, sociable, and to help you develop other skills that are vital for a promising career, from communication to building relationships. Day-to-day life at Shell gives you plenty of chances to meet people, network and really enjoy the social side of work. Whatever your interests, in many locations there’s likely to be Shell sports and social groups. At Shell, work-life balance is highly valued, as is community.

Shell Life

Shell Life

Shell Life is a unique onboarding program that allows you to meet other grads and business leaders from across Shell in your first few weeks.

Thrive with a supportive community

Thriving with a supportive community

Teamwork is vital for us to achieve our common goal. At Shell, you’ll experience working with a diverse yet collaborative global network who will always be able to help you solve day-to-day challenges.

Apart from being part of the Global Graduate Community, you may also opt to join diversity groups in Shell, including the Women’s Network, the enABLE Network for employees with disabilities, and our LGBT Network.

Listening to what you have to say

Listening to what you have to say

At Shell, you’ll be encouraged voice your ideas and concerns. Your diverse thoughts and inputs are valuable, and you’ll find how leaders will enable you to speak up and share your insights to the table.

Rewarding your hard work

Rewarding your hard work

You’ll be recognised and rewarded with a compensation and benefits package considered to be among the best in the industry, as well as a competitive starter salary, with performance-related pay, shares and allowances.

How to apply?

Our graduates come from different backgrounds, countries and cultures, bringing a huge variety of skills and experiences to our team. But there are a few things we consistently look out for when it comes to applications - things like how you work with others, absorb information, your creative problem-solving abilities and your drive and self-confidence.

The application process

  1. Review the realistic job preview
  2. Take the virtual job tryout and complete the on-demand video interview
  3. Live online interview and presentation with two Shell team members
  4. Shell Connect – successful applications are invited to visit Shell

Our basic requirements

We welcome applicants who have either already graduated from a recognized university or are in the final year of their degree course. In most countries, we don’t ask for specific grades, but a strong academic record will help.

For all our Technical roles in certain countries, we do ask that you’ve already obtained or are studying towards a Master’s degree or equivalent qualification. In other countries, many of our technical roles are for a Bachelor's degree or equivalent.

For our Commercial and Corporate roles, we’re looking for a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent.

Which career path?

Use our Degree Matcher to see where your qualifications could take you within Shell. This will help you apply to the specific area of the business that particularly interests you and is relevant to your qualifications.

Manage your application

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