The Shell Graduate Program 

The Shell Graduate Program is designed to help you make the most of your potential, both professionally and personally. From day one, you’ll have a supervisor and mentor to help you establish and execute an Individual Development Plan outlining your career goals and how you’ll achieve them. This plan dictates how much time you’ll spend in the program, which can be anywhere from 2 to 3 years. Throughout this time, you’ll be placed in a wide range of hands-on roles with competence-building tasks, challenging and inspiring you to discover your strengths, develop your skills and broaden your experience in various real-world situations. 

This program will also give you the opportunity to hone your expertise and leadership abilities and obtain industry-recognized qualifications through formal training courses, discipline-specific e-learning modules and world-class workshops. In addition, you’ll receive support from an international network of seasoned industry professionals. To monitor and track your performance in the program, your supervisor and mentor will conduct regular progress checks. Upon successful completion of your final review, you’ll be placed in the Shell Advanced Technical Program, which will prepare you for a more senior role at our company.

Health, Safety, Security and Environment/Occupational Safety 

Within HSSE/Occupational Safety, you’ll be part of a passionate team of professionals committed to impacting the world in positive ways. We focus on driving improvements that make Shell a more responsible operator, enhance our sustainability performance, and help benefit communities through our projects and operations. This includes ensuring that our facilities are well designed and properly maintained, supporting the development and application of new technologies, providing general health information to employees, and working to prevent incidents that may result in spills of hazardous substances.

Roles and responsibilities 

  • Collecting environmental data and reporting to internal and external organizations
  • Implementing internal/external compliance programs/processes in the businesses/assets
  • Regulatory review/interpretation
  • Performance inspections/audits
  • Environmental incident response/follow-up
  • Environmental baseline/compliance monitoring
  • Environmental regulatory permit or license requirements, application, negotiation, scheduling, approval and/or implementation
  • Environmental guidance and strategy
  • Identifying and characterizing environmental risks or opportunities
  • Reviewing and assessing projects or asset changes for environmental impact 
  • Driving performance improvement at assigned facilities
  • Building a stronger safety culture across Shell by ensuring that safety is integrated into all aspects of our business
  • Assisting with projects and operations to manage environmental risks in ecologically sensitive regions
  • Identifying and minimizing negative social impacts and enhancing local benefits for the communities where we operate
  • Engaging stakeholders to address their needs and concerns to help us achieve our business objectives

Training and development opportunities 

The resources and learning opportunities available to you at Shell are some of the best in the industry. As a graduate curious to know more about your chosen field you’ll benefit from a well-established learning and development program, fully aligned with the requirements for professional progression.

We aim to develop your competencies and capabilities in as short a time as possible, and enable you to make the most of the opportunities presented to you. You’ll receive regular progress checks from experienced professionals to ensure you are properly supported on your development path.


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