Fleets have a lot on their plate. They’re adjusting to changing economic and regulatory conditions. They’re envisioning or taking action around what it might look like to decarbonize their vehicles and operations. And they’re still tending to a full slate of ongoing needs – optimizing costs, managing a workforce and solving the daily puzzle of vehicle logistics. What are their top priorities and concerns? Where do they spend the most time or find the most profit and pride? To find the answers to these important questions, Shell Fleet Solutions collaborated with the National Association of Fleet Administrators (NAFA) to survey fleet owners, operators, managers and drivers on the most pressing concerns and priorities facing their businesses. In this Shell Fleet Solutions whitepaper, you’ll learn surprising insights on key topics:

  • Areas where fleet stakeholders spend the most time
  • Areas of top concern for fleets
  • The importance of cost reductions, fleet safety, efficiency solutions and more

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