Clean Energy Products and Services

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Clean Power

1/3 of the power generation we manage is renewable

We offer wholesale and retail renewable energy supplies, with options to bundle on-site generation and load control products and services.  Our comprehensive clean energy agreements are structured to meet your individual energy procurement and sustainability needs, with solutions built from a broad menu of products and services including:

Wholesale (Shell Energy North America)

  • Renewable Energy + RECS and/or zero carbon physical supply for Scope 1,2, & 3 loads
  • Risk Management (energy cost and basis risk mitigation)

Retail (MP2 Energy)

  • Retail power supply and services bundled with wholesale and behind the meter clean energy solutions
  • Optimization – Monetize demand response opportunities derived from load flexibility and on-site assets
  • Digitization – Green House Gas (GHG) tracking and client dashboard/visualization*

Behind the Meter (Shell Energy InsideTM)

  • Deploy, aggregate, and monetize distributed energy resource solutions
  • Enable load flexibility, lower energy cost, resiliency, and sustainability, with no upfront investment

*Technology currently under development

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Clean Transportation

Power your drive with clean energy.

Our vast wholesale and retail power presence enables a range of EV solutions across multiple markets.  For large corporations and municipalities deploying EV fleets, our menu includes:

  • Renewable energy for powering EV fleets
  • GHG/carbon tracking and reporting*
  • Optimization of EV batteries in demand response and grid services markets
  • Captive EV charging stations with integrated storage as needed
  • Amortization of battery costs on energy supply agreement (shifts capex to opex)

*Technology currently under development

Solar panels pointing at the blue sky

Clean Resiliency

Powering your peace of mind.

For customers with resiliency needs, we offer a suite of behind-the-meter distributed energy resources and microgrid technologies, including:

  • Efficiency - Resiliency against rising costs
  • Storage
  • Back-up generation, CHP
  • Microgrid - Resiliency against cost of grid outages


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1. Connect

Our team will develop a unique tailored energy solution to meet your cost and sustainability goals.

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2. Engage

One of our clean energy experts will contact you to understand your unique business needs.

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3. Solve

Our team will develop a unique tailored energy solution to meet your cost and sustainability goals.

Benefits for your business

  • Choice

    Access to a vast menu of Clean Energy Solutions.

  • Simplicity

    All solutions bundled into a single clean energy agreement.

  • Value

    Our goal is to help you achieve your optimal solution at the lowest cost.

Inside Shell Energy North America

Environmental Solutions

Our customers must adapt to evolving market conditions, including environmental regulations and the demands of social responsibility.

MP2 Energy

Shell Energy North America subsidiary that manages power plants, delivers retail power and power management.

Talk to an Energy Expert

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