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Shell and Electric Mobility

Shell is excited to launch our electric vehicle program that will advance adoption of electric vehicles in California through the deployment of EV charging infrastructure at commercial, retail, public and government locations as well as multi-unit residential dwellings. 

Shell is supporting the transition to electric vehicles by looking at how EV charging can be successfully integrated to the power grid. We have developed a new EV smart charging service called Shell RechargePlus that allows the charging of vehicles to be shifted to times when it would be most beneficial for the power grid and that will provide cost advantages for customers.

This new service is available to you when you select Shell as your service provider within the Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) EV Charge Network Program when you participate under the “EV Charge Owner” option.

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Shell RechargePlus

Shell RechargePlus is a new EV charging service that benefits both the customer and the grid by minimizing additions to peak loads and the resulting costs.

It uses state-of-the-art technology to provide the best prices possible for your charging needs.

It's intelligent APP helps minimize your costs by maximizing the amount of EV charging that occurs during the lowest demand periods throughout the day.

It provides flexibility to drivers by allowing them to select the settings of their charging sessions based on their schedule.

So why choose Shell RechargePlus?

Shell has over 100 year’s expertise in providing fueling infrastructure around the world and are proud to offer a new EV charging service that is smart, affordable and easy to use.

When you select Shell as your authorized vendor within the EV Charge Network Program, you can trust we will provide the highest level of service and support to meet your needs:

  • Charge posts that are adaptable to your requirements*
  • A bespoke APP allowing drivers to initiate and manage their charging sessions
  • A system dashboard so you can monitor and control activity at your finger tips
  • 24 hour customer service and support
  • To speak to a Shell RechargePlus representative please fill out the form below.

*AeroVironment (AV) is Shell’s preferred EV charger supplier because of their reputation within the EV charging industry for reliability and performance. We currently offer the EVSE-RS model with a Linux Board Processor in single wall mounted or ground mounted units which can support multiple chargers on one pedestal. Our hardware comes with a minimum three-year limited warranty which can be extended to five years for a small fee.

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Shell is pleased to offer some of the best prices, value and service for our customers within the PG&E EV Charge Network Program. Overall pricing is a function of the number of chargers installed at a location but the following indicative price examples provide an insight into our value:

Wall Mount EV-RS Charger with Linux Processor : $879 per unit
Ground Mount Pedestals (can hold one or two units) : $426 per pedestal
Communications Router and Modem Set-Up* : $1,064
Monthly Data Plan* : $20

*Communications costs along with the data plan charge are spread out over every 10 units in a deployment so that the incremental costs per charging port is close to $108. 

Other features are available for purchase including hoods and retractable connector cords.

In addition to the one-time hardware costs, there is a $20 per month Network Management Fee per charging unit. This fee covers all back-office support, software upgrades, reporting and program management.

So, what’s in it for you?

  • Shell provides the option to select the best prices – our new intelligent APP works out when the best prices are available to charge.
  • Shell provides flexibility – drivers can choose the amount of charge their vehicle receives over a set period of time.
  • Shell uses smart technology– our new state-of-the-art software optimizes charging automatically and provides in-APP updates.
  • Shell offers multiple configurations – our hardware can be wall or ground mounted with multiple chargers on each pedestal.
  • Shell provides you the information you need – our system dashboard allows you to monitor all activity related to your EV charger deployment.
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Shell and the Future of Mobility

Shell maintains a strong, long-standing reputation of quality service and support to a wide range of vehicles and fueling infrastructure. 

Since 2012 we have developed extensive experience in the field of electric vehicles including grid integration, managed smart charging and the development of customer site efficiency plans.

Shell’s support of the electrification of transportation is demonstrated by our development of Shell RechargePlus and we see this as a key part of promoting alternative fuels and supporting new energy projects. 

We believe this new technology will help California push forward with their zero emission vehicle goals while maximising the use of renewable power and minimizing the impact of electric vehicle charging on the grid.

We are proud to provide EV drivers with a managed charging service that is smart, affordable and easy to use. 

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