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Shell Polymers is building a more than 380-acre world-scale petrochemical facility in Monaca, PA. We will upgrade locally-produced chemicals with the latest technology and leverage unique loading and deployment capabilities to create class-leading response rates.

Located 30 miles northwest of Pittsburgh on the Ohio River, Shell Polymers provides proximity to less-congested East Coast ports. With the facility’s proximity to both supply and market, our location allows us to reduce transportation costs and provide you with shorter supply chains, more flexibility, and greater reliability.

Recent site updates

Over the past several months, we’ve been hard at work. We recently reached an important milestone construction milestone: the installation of the Polyethylene Slurry Loop Reactor in late-December using the Mother of All Cranes (MOAC). Some fun facts about the MOAC:

  • It’s one of the largest cranes in the world.
  • It’s 695 feet – 4 times the Statue of Liberty.
  • It can lift the weight of 200 school buses at once.
  • It’s a ring crane, which means it can pivot in a full circle to complete many lifts without having to move or disassemble – increasing safety and efficiency on site.
  • The crane can remain in its current location while still being able to reach modules that are far away.


In October 2018, we installed the quench tower, the largest piece of equipment at the site, measuring at 285-feet high and weighing about 2,000 tonnes. The tower traveled along the Mississippi and Ohio rivers for nearly three and half weeks. Upon arrival in Pennsylvania, it was unloaded onto a dock and transported down a newly-created road – both specially-designed to handle the large quench tower.

Water will circulate through the tower to cool down cracked gas, condense heavy hydrocarbons and remove coke and tar particles. The tower is energy-efficient and will transfer the heat absorbed by the circulating water for use in other parts of the plant.

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The Shell Polymers Difference

Shell Polymers has built a team of diverse and passionate industry pioneers who believe in putting people first. Combined with a new facility, innovative tools, and the backing of Royal Dutch Shell, Shell Polymers is equipped to bring you an unrivaled customer experience.

We Believe in Community

For Shell Polymers, believing in community means being an active part of the local infrastructure and supporting projects and activities that are important to its members. We have worked on multiple projects to show our commitment to improving the lives of the people in the community.