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General Community Involvement

For Shell Polymers, believing in community means being an active part of the local infrastructure and supporting projects and activities that are important to its members. We have worked on multiple projects to show our commitment to the people in the community.

Our facility will support the local Beaver County economy, directly leading to 600 full-time jobs at the complex and employing an estimated 6,000 construction workers during the plant build. In addition to growing the economy and the job market we are demonstrating the benefits associated with having a Shell facility built in your region.

Maple Syrup Festival

The Maple Syrup Festival, put on by the Beaver County Conservation District, is attended by tens of thousands of people from around the state of Pennsylvania.  Shell employees volunteered the entire opening day and helped stock and sell approximately $20,000 worth of maple syrup.

Barn Cleanout

Potter Township is working towards creating a community park and environmental learning center. The challenge was remediating the structures after years of neglect. Several volunteers from Shell spent 4 hours cleaning and shoveling years’ worth of dirt, leaves, garbage, etc. to clear space for the future park.

Christmas Gifts

We adopted 50 local children and collected gifts to help provide them with a memorable holiday experience.  People from both the site and Houston took part.  The local community appreciated the program very much.

Vanport Pavilion

Vanport Park cleanup created a lasting mark on the community, serving 1,400 residents. Volunteers from Shell laid mulch, had swing sets sand blasted and painted, bought new swings sets, and provided a handicap accessible industrial picnic table.


Shell Polymers has made a significant social investment in local educational systems to create a drumbeat of renewed excitement in manufacturing.

Shell Polymers has not only brought engineers out to schools to provide exposure to future career opportunities, but has made significant donations to local STEM programs, including the full development of a STEM lab at a local school.

CCBC donation

Shell Polymers donated $1 million to the Community College of Beaver County’s process technology program, making it the second largest gift in the college’s history. This donation will help expand the process technology program, a training program that prepares students for employment in industry and manufacturing.

STEM Events

Part of Shell Polymers’ Social Investment budget was used to fund STEM learning events for 8 local schools around the project site, which will build a sustainable pipeline of eligible and qualified employees.

Beaver County Educational Trust

This program will involve all 14 public school districts in Beaver County and introduce them to the career technology center, as well as the STEM pathways program at the community college. This trust allows teachers to access funds to improve their classrooms.   

Local Student Scholarships

This funding provides scholarships so students can attend a local community college’s technical program, aiming to supply future operators to the plant.


Shell believes in caring not only for the people of the Monaca Community, but also in caring for the region and the environment. At the core of this is a dedication to maintaining strict environmental standards to keep the air and water clean.

The site of our new facility, formerly a zinc factory, has been reclaimed to environmental standards established by the State. We have taken the following steps to lower our environmental impact and to minimize the effects of our presence on the local aesthetic.

  • Appropriately contained decades of environmental impacts from former industrial uses and made sure surface waters are protected
  • Obtained the lowest feasible air emission due to design, regulatory limitations, control technologies and work practices
  • Planted native trees to minimize view shed impacts along State Route18 and riverbank

Shell is also investing to create a wetland at the Tank Farm located in Potter Township. This project will help water run-off issues into Raccoon Creek and serve as a learning area for residents and the community around matters of habitat and wildlife. 

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