Harnessing Leading Sustainability Practices

At Shell polymers, we are committed to being the supplier that puts converters first while serving as your connection to the larger Shell Network, and our leading sustainability practices, including breakthrough ways of recycling plastic waste, through pyrolysis. This waste can be utilized as feedstock to produce the same high quality chemicals, closing the loop on the circular economy. Plus, our teams can use the shell methodology behind our energy hubs to help you reach a more holistic Clean Energy Solution. With the collective brainpower of Shell. We w just get the job done. We'll get it done better

Connecting Converters With More Holistic Clean Energy Solutions

Shell Polymers can connect converters to the larger Shell network’s leading sustainability practices, including a breakthrough plastic waste recycling technology called pyrolysis.

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Delivering Value to Plastic Converters

Improve equipment performance, reduce emissions, and prepare for future opportunities with the latest technologies.

Fueling Efficient Operations With Shell Chemicals

Shell Chemicals has decades of experience in facility advancement, safety enhancement, and operational efficiency.

Pushing Boundaries Through Digital Solutions

Shell technologists tap the latest digital solutions to help converters implement clean energy or optimize their supply chains.

Increasing Productivity With Shell Lubricants

Shell Lubricants can help customers select lubricants and extend equipment life, all while maintaining product quality.