The Peculiar Personalities of Dedicated Customer Service

Deborah - The Zoner  0:02  

To help your customers you have to stay focused, no matter what. You got to be in the zone. Let me check on the status of that order.

Sound Effects  0:12  

[Lightning Strike]

Deborah - The Zoner  0:12  

Yes, we'll have it out to you by Tuesday.

The Anticipator  0:14  

You know we've tried to knock Deborah out of the zone. It is impossible

Sound Effects  0:25  

[Loud music played overhead]

Sound Effects  0:25  

[Musical instrument played overhead]

Sound Effects  0:26  

Deborah, I'm you singing telegram? [Da da da da]

Deborah - The Zoner  0:30  

I'm looking at the live GPS of your delivery right now. And it should be right on time.

The Listener  0:34  

Her customers are so fortunate to have her in their business lives.

The Anticipator  0:39  

Nothing distracts you from helping converters. It's impressive and a little intimidating, but gives me something to aspire to. Right Deborah? 

Deborah - The Zoner  0:47  

No problem. I can help you with that.

Meet Deborah, aka “The Zoner,” one of the many employees that help make Shell Polymers a top plastic resin manufacturer. Nothing (and we mean nothing) can distract Deborah from helping converters access the latest information on their orders and shipments.

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