The Peculiar Personalities of Dedicated Customer Service


The Zoner, The Fixer, The Anticipator, The Listener

The Listener 00:01

With great listening powers comes great customer service.

The Zoner 00:05

Katie, she has super human hearing. Is she listening right now?

The Fixer 00:11

Sure, I'd be happy to do that for you.

The Listener 00:14

Tell them about the real-time tracking trace and that their delivery will be there in three, two, one.

The Fixer 00:21

She listens to her customers incredibly well. She also listens to literally everything else.

The Listener 00:26

I heard someone say invoicing.

The Zoner 00:28

Thank you.

The Anticipator 00:29

She can hear me saying this right now. Hi, Katie. Do you want to get tacos for lunch?

The Listener 00:34

Yeah, I can hear you.

The Anticipator 00:37

Doesn't work. I can't hear her back.

The Fixer 00:39

It's a little weird around the office.

The Zoner 00:41

That is some good hearing.

The Fixer 00:43

But it's great for our customers.

Meet Katie, aka “The Listener,” one of the many employees that will help make Shell Polymers a top plastic resin manufacturer. Katie listens intently to her customers, and everything else too.

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