The Peculiar Personalities of Dedicated Customer Service


The Fixer, The Anticipator, The Listener, Co-worker 1

The Fixer 00:00

Here at Shell Polymers we solve problems.

Co-worker 1 00:03

Alex is he's the FIX IT guy.

The Fixer 00:06

Look! It's Katie and Robert debating lunch options. Half the team goes to salad bar half team gets pizza done.

The Anticipator 00:13

Ahh, Genius.

The Listener 00:16

Anything with supply chain or even customer service, he's got it.

The Fixer 00:23

Hey, Tina. Oh yeah, I had our sityard deploy it instead.

The Listener 00:28

You're sweating. It's too hot. You need someone to turn up the temp in the office.

The Fixer 00:32

Alex is great. He can solve any logistical problem you have any emotional problem you have. I walked in the office last week he was like, you need to talk to your dad? I haven't done it but I will.

The Fixer 00:43

That table wasn't level so I 3d printed it a new leg. No biggie. I learned it from my team on the plant floor. They 3d print parts too, so there's no stoppages.

Meet Alex, aka “The Fixer,” one of the many employees that will help make Shell Polymers a top plastic resin manufacturer. Alex’s problem solving skills provide logistics peace of mind for converters, and they come in handy around the office too.

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