The Peculiar Personalities of Dedicated Customer Service


The Fixer, The Zoner, The Anticipator, The Listener, Co-worker 1

The Anticipator 00:00

Yeah I've always just been one step ahead just comes naturally. Not everybody's got it. But I got it.

The Listener 00:08

So this is Shell Polymers where I'm used to working with people who can anticipate and solve problems before they happen. But Roberts different.

The Fixer 00:16

The doctor was saying it's just too early to tell.

The Anticipator 00:17

It's gonna be a boy.

The Fixer 00:18


The Anticipator 00:20

And then in two years, you're gonna have another. So Congrats.

The Fixer 00:24

He could see the future. I know his customers think so.

The Zoner 00:29

Robert has a crystal ball on his desk.

Co-worker 1 00:34

He's three steps ahead of everyone. And I try to stay right behind him, which makes me two steps ahead of everyone which isn't bad.

The Anticipator 00:43

Sorry, I knew there was gonna be a supply chain issue. So I just went ahead and rerouted the shipment.

Meet Robert, aka “The Anticipator,” one of the many employees that will help make Shell Polymers a top plastic resin manufacturer. Alex possesses an uncanny knack for predicting and solving logistics challenges, and lots of other things too.

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