Meet our State-of-the-art SIT Yard

Our owned and operated SIT yard is conveniently located outside of Pittsburgh, PA and gives us the flexibility to provide high volumes of products to customers. Its location is within 700 miles of most converters in North America, enabling them to get a centrally located supply of polyethylene. Learn more about our SIT yard and the advantages it can bring to your business today.

Meet our SIT Yard

Prepare for the Unexpected

Winter storms in Texas and the pandemic proved to be unexpected events that severely hindered polymer supplies around the world. Disruptions are nothing new to the industry, but there are ways to prepare for them to mitigate the issues they cause.

Rare Winter Storm

A rare winter storm in the gulf caused an array of snow and ice-related damage to many polyethylene suppliers across Texas.

Circumvent Supply Disruptions

Supply chain disruptions happen; learn how Shell Polymers is helping to provide a reliable polyethylene supply to converters.

Advanced Supply Logistics

  • Modality

    Multiple forms of transportation enhances supply security, providing customers with multiple options to fit their needs.

  • Industry-leading trucking capability

    We can track any rail issues and proactively send out trucks for shorter transit times and lower variability, giving our customers confidence in their supply.

  • Innovative truck loading

    Our state-of-the-art silo to top truck loading enables trucks to be loaded in 15–20 minutes and prepared for shipment in under an hour.

Meet Our Logistics Team

Our teams work closely together with the common goal of ensuring that supply is consistent and everything is designed with the customer in mind.

Polymer Profile: Rosalinda Brinkmeyer, Supply Coordinator

Supply Coordinator Rosalinda Brinkmeyer reveals her four ways in which she believes Shell Polymers will deliver an unrivaled customer experience.

Polymer Profile: Ana Buss, Distribution and Export Manager

Meet our Polymer expert, Distribution and Export Manager, Ana Buss. Bringing years of experience both in the industry and with Shell, Ana's work in the distribution and export channel is an integral part of delivering an unrivaled customer experience.

Polymer Profile: Natasha Thompson, Logistics I.T. Lead

Meet Natasha Thompson, Logistics I.T. Lead. With over 20 years of experience, Natasha has been with Shell for more than six years and in Shell Polymers a little more than 3 years as a Sr. Business Analyst and Team Lead of its I.T. Commercial Logistics team.

Polymer Profile: Jason Brandenburg, Rail Switch and Wash Supervisor

Meet our Polymer Pro, Jason Brandenburg, Rail Switch and Wash Supervisor. He is a member of the Shell family who is focused on supporting our rail switching and wash facility crews by making sure they have what they need for smooth operations.