Conveniently Located Polyethylene Plant

While most polyethylene suppliers are located near the Gulf, Shell Polymers is building our state-of-the-art polyethylene plant on the Ohio River in Monaca, Pennsylvania. This location strategically places us within 700 miles of a majority of North American polyethylene buyers.

Shell Polymers northeastern polyethylene plant benefits converters by providing:

  • Logistical advantages and flexibility
  • Cutting-edge technological innovation in your backyard
  • More reliable polyethylene supply due to reduced exposure to natural disasters
  • Knowledgeable team of experts across key polyethylene converting processes

Explore the Plant

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Polyethylene Units

Our three polyethylene (PE) units use modern, proven process technologies to put safety and innovation first. These units receive feedstock from the Ethylene Cracker Unit and “polymerize” it by combining thousands of smaller ethylene molecules into very large molecules with unique physical and chemical properties.

To keep this process running smoothly, online pellet analyzers give real-time data on product quality for faster operator response speeds and quality assurance.

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Application Hall

The Application Hall will contain state-of-the-art technology that allows our Polymer Pioneers to work hand-in-hand with customers and create the product solutions they need.

It will house commercial-sized units for multi-layer LLDPE film, high-molecular weight film, an industrial scale pipe extruder, large and small tonnage injection molding and all-electric, hydraulic blow molding machines for a broad array of applications.

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Steam & Power Generator

The Steam & Power Generation Unit is where electricity and heat are simultaneously produced by three gas turbine generators, thee heat recovery units and two steam turbine generators.

This area will generate 100% of the power the plant needs and has full islanding capacity. This capability will automatically isolate the plant if there is an external disturbance in the grid, which reduces risk and makes our power source more reliable.

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Central Control Building

Our central control building is the nerve center of the facility, containing a state-of-the-art central control room, laboratory and maintenance workshop. From here, reliability engineers assigned to each production area conduct real-time, continuous monitoring of critical equipment to minimize shutdown durations and reduce risk.

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Innovating New Ways to Break the Polymer Supplier Mold

When Shell Polymers was initially launched, our goal was to find ways to disrupt the polyethylene industry by reimagining our customer experience and tackling customer pain points head on. To do this, the Shell Polymers team has gone to great lengths to change the status quo of how a polyethylene supplier operates, including reimagining the customer experience to eliminate common challenges converters face in supply chain management.

Creating an Exceptional PE Plant Experience

Title:  Hilary Mercer

Duration: 53 seconds


A short video of Hilary Mercer speaking about Shell Polymers.

Hilary Mercer Transcript

[Hilary Mercer, speaking to camera]

I plan on creating an unrivaled experience by creating a world class polyethylene plant in Pennsylvania. An asset that’s capable of operating that plant to the highest standards. And then a business that will sell its product to all of our local stakeholders. So, the one thing that people should believe about Shell Polymers is that we put customers first. Making the experience matter means delivering time and time and time again to our customers so that they want always to come back to us. I’m passionate about the Shell Polymers business because it’s exciting, it’s a new project, it a new business, it’s a new beginning for polyethylene. I am Hilary Mercer and I believe in Shell Polymers.

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At Shell Polymers, we believe in the power of community. This means being an active part of the local infrastructure and supporting projects and activities that are important to residents.

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