Shell Polymers Partners with Local Businesses to Support the Beaver County Community

Shell Polymers Partners with Local Businesses to Support the Beaver County Community

In order to provide supplies to the local community, Shell Polymers and several local organizations joined forces to support income-restricted families in the Beaver County area. While initially focused on supporting an entire complex in Beaver Falls, efforts are being made to expand our efforts to more homes in the surrounding regions.

By Shell Polymers on May 28, 2020

Essential Supplies for Low-Income Households

Care Packages

Many income-restricted tenants have been laid off due to COVID-19 and are struggling to make ends meet. Shell was able to leverage the Beaver County Chamber of Commerce’s mailing list of 1,500 businesses to ask for donations of meals, coupons, or supplies to include in care packages. Shell is supplementing the donations with a cash contribution to help purchase some of the grocery store gift cards or to buy some of the supplies not donated by merchants.

Hygiene Products

With the support of the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh, Shell Polymers purchased much-needed supplies such as toilet paper, paper towels, hand sanitizer, liquid soap, and other essential hygienic products to be given away to some of southwestern Pennsylvania’s most economically distressed communities.  Supplies were handed out via an assembly line of cars with Urban League volunteers safely and effectively distributing the items to those in need.



When the Salvation Army locations in Aliquippa and Beaver Falls expressed the need for financial support due to the quadrupled demand for their meal programs, Shell Polymers was able to donate funds to help meet the demand. The donations will support Aliquippa's meal program for one month and provide 5,100 lunches to those served by the Beaver Falls Salvation Army.

Medical Supplies for Healthcare Workers

Thanks to the team working the Falcon Pipeline Project, Gateway Rehabilitation in Center township now has enough masks for the patients who are receiving help at the facility. Shell’s External Relations team coordinated the donation and safely delivered the masks to appreciative health care professionals on-site.

In addition to masks, Shell Polymers’ Care Team has provided meals to health care staff to thank them for all their hard work during this crisis. Some of these meals are designated for the front line workers like the nurses and doctors, other meal deliveries targeted the “second line” workers such as physical and occupational therapists in the healthcare institutions.

medical supplies

With the assistance of partner contractors, Bechtel and Great Arrow Builders, Shell donated two pallets full of personal protective equipment, including safety glasses, masks, gloves, foot coverings, face shields, and more to two local medical facilities; Heritage Valley Health Systems and the University Pittsburgh Medical Center. The Shell Polymers Community Care Team facilitated the donation of 100 pairs of safety glasses to Salem Hospital. Healthcare staff requested the supplies and thanks to the generosity of Bechtel, we were able to answer the hospital’s call for help.