Rotomolding Creates Durable Products Across Industries

Rotomolding has managed to penetrate a variety of market segments, such as automotive, building and construction, material handling, medical, toys and storage tanks. This is because of its ability to produce structurally strong and aesthetically appealing hollow and semi-hollow parts.

A labor-intensive process that involves accurately cooking resin powder in a biaxially-rotating oven, it can often be challenging for rotational molders to produce enough parts in a day to keep up with demands while still balancing operating costs. But, with rotomolding capabilities, linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) can take on a variety of complex shapes. It remains safe after constant exposure to heat and finished products are low maintenance compared to alternative materials.

Key Markets for Rotational Molders

Outdoor Living

Injection-molded artificial turf is growing in popularity due to its ability to withstand high temperatures and people walking on it frequently.


Rotomolded LLDPE toys have a variety of benefits, such as their resistance to breaking or staining, and an uncanny ability to mimic the appearance of other materials.

Household and Industrial Chemicals

Converters need to provide customers with containers for household chemicals that are tough enough to resist leaks and breaks, and prevent unintentional, and potentially dangerous, spills.

Minimize Cycle Time in Rotomolding Operations

Discover more tips to reduce cycle times and increase production.

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In-House Rotational Molding Expertise

Adriana Velasquez
Adriana Velasquez

Adriana Velasquez, Senior Technical Service Engineer, Rotational Molding

A member of the Shell Polymer team since 2018, Adriana has more than 15 years of experience helping customers innovate in pipe and rotomolding applications. An acknowledged leader in her industry, she is Shell’s representative in external standards, certification, and public safety organizations, including ASTM, CSA, NSF, and the Transportation Research Board. Adriana also represents Shell in industry organizations such as the Plastic Pipe Institute, Association of Rotational Molders, and Plastic Pipe and Fittings Association.

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