When it comes to the blow molded plastics market, extrusion blow molders prefer high-density polyethylene (HDPE Resin). In fact, HDPE is the most widely used polymer across the globe.1 The global HDPE blow molded products market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 5.7% through 2032.2

That’s because its strengths fit a broad range of everyday blow molding applications. Let’s look at the traits and benefits of HDPE that make it such a go-to polymer for blow molders:

Extrusion Blow Molders Can Use HDPE For Virtually Any Application

Blow molding with HDPE allows plastic converters to quickly produce large quantities of cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing bottles and containers. Compared to other plastics, HDPE is incredibly versatile. Converters can use it to create an immensely diverse array of products across multiple applications like:3

  • Plastic drinking bottles and containers
  • Chemical containers and toiletry bottles
  • Hardhats and telecom ducts
  • Children’s toys and playground equipment
  • And more. 

Such products are in demand across a spectrum of industries,4 including:

HDPE Offers Strength at a Light Weight

HDPE is a very strong plastic that’s among the leading choices for the manufacture of heavy-duty containers that are used in day-to-day life. HDPE containers are strong enough to package milk containers, personal care products such as shampoos in bottles, motor oil, and household products such as laundry detergents, among others.5

At the same time, HDPE is also lightweight and easy to reuse and recycle, making it a good practical choice for a wide array of everyday household uses, like toys.

Blow Molders Can Expect Flexibility and Resilience

HDPE has incredible toughness, allowing manufacturers to mold and transform the resin into a variety of designs.6 That toughness also helps protect products made with HDPE, which won’t shatter – or even suffer any noticeable damage – when dropped to the ground.

HDPE blow molding applications can be relied upon to protect what’s inside from what’s outside. HDPE is highly resistant to several challenges to material durability, including:7

  • Impact
  • Chemicals
  • Mold and mildew
  • Insects
  • Rotting
  • And more.

HDPE can also survive all kinds of harsh climates, from the hottest deserts to the coldest tundras. In fact, NASA is counting on HDPE to shield astronauts and their spacecraft from dangerous cosmic rays and radiation.8

HDPE is Recyclable and Safe

Increasing awareness about environmental protection has led to a significant preference shift from non-recyclable plastics to recyclable ones.9 For that, HDPE fits the bill. HDPE is among the most commonly recycled resins.10 That means it’s easy for consumers to recycle your products after use, as it’s accepted at many recycling sites.

Plus, it’s attractive to a growing pool of environmentally responsible manufacturers and consumers as manufacturers search for recyclable packaging materials.11

Also, HDPE’s chemically inert nature makes it a popular food-grade plastic12 for blow molding applications like containers carrying solid foods, milk, and fruit juices. HDPE is great for making food-safe containers since it resists corrosion, doesn't absorb much moisture, and doesn't leach chemicals.13

Shell Polymers Gives Blow Molders a (Real)ationship, Not Just HDPE

Shell Polymers’ new Pennsylvania polyethylene plant offers a robust product set of worry-free HDPE pellets with the grade slates converters need to make their products. We can help them determine what Shell Polymer pellets are right for them based on their business needs.

But that’s not all. Shell Polymers is building (Real)ationships with our customers. We see the value in establishing and building relationships with converters to be customer-centric and understand their wants and needs.

That means from start to finish, everyone gets a personal, professional experience no matter where you are in your business journey. We will be engaged, enthusiastic, excited, animated, and invested in every customer. We’re not about a transaction. We want to be vested in your business success.

Plus, we have the resources to help converters capitalize on opportunities in the plastics sector. We’ll keep track of trends and challenges in the plastics industry, among brands, and in the general economy so we can offer converters what they need, when they need it, and leverage change from the get-go.

Shell Polymers also gives converters the tools to produce ideal blow molded applications in our Innovation Center's Application Hall. By working with Shell Polymers, converters can access our two industrial-sized blow molding machines. They are used to make specimens and parts similar to that of our customers. This means converters can test or qualify polymers without interrupting production and shutting down lines.

With Shell Polymers, converters get the quality and quantity of HDPE supply and support they need to take advantage of blow molding business opportunities.

Improve Blow Molded Product Quality

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