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Why Converters Should Diversify Their Supplier Pool with Shell Polymers

When downtime costs your company money, relying on a small group of polymers suppliers can be risky business. That’s why it’s essential to build reliable supply chains and boost resilience to weather, economic shifts, and regulatory changes by diversifying resin sources.

By Shell Polymers on Feb 13, 2020

1. Risk-Proof Supply Chains

Diversifying suppliers is about more than just onboarding multiple companies. Suppliers need to be chosen strategically to get the full benefit of polyethylene supply chain diversification. One of the crucial factors is geography. Shell Polymers is located in the northeastern United States to provide another way for converters to procure goods and services. Our plant’s location even allows us to offer same-day truck delivery to some customers, which empowers converters to place rush orders and get their supply when they need it.

Logistics technology has the potential to be another game-changer. Our automation processes feature smart, dynamic rail and truck shipment monitoring that minimize delays during product transportation to our customers. Our rail and truck loading stations are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to expedite loading and shipping. Plus, our logistics capabilities are being built “Next-Gen-Ready,” so we can easily adopt and upgrade to new technology as it becomes available.

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2. Staying on the Cutting-Edge

Based on factors like company size and location, every supplier has different tools available to its customers. Diversifying polymer supply chains gives businesses the potential to tap into a variety of resources and experiment with new products from multiple sources at the same time. In the PE industry, the ability to troubleshoot and test the latest technological advancements is essential to maintaining a competitive edge.

"In the application hall, customers can work hand-in-hand with industry-leading Shell Polymer Pioneers to overcome challenges and troubleshoot product solutions."

With Shell Polymers’ application hall, this is especially true. The 85,000 square foot lab space will house cutting-edge analytical and product application equipment which will give our customers space to tinker with the latest tools in the industry. In the application hall, customers can work hand-in-hand with industry-leading Shell Polymer Pioneers such as Technical Service Engineers to overcome challenges and troubleshoot product solutions that suit their unique business needs.

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3. Customer-Centric Experience

We understand that converters have a tough job. Not only do they oversee a wide variety of business functions, but they also coordinate with suppliers around the world to execute projects. At Shell Polymers, our team is always looking for ways to leverage our decades of experience to make our customers’ jobs easier. If a customer has a question or needs a rush order, a dedicated team of responsive account managers, customer service reps and technicians will respond quickly to develop a solution. We also proactively communicate with our customers, so they never have to wonder when their product will arrive on-site

Strategically diversifying suppliers supports operational reliability and product innovation. With Shell Polymers as a supplier, converters can gain direct access to invaluable resources like our state-of-the-art application hall and knowledgeable Polymer Pioneers to exceed expectations and meet business objectives.

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