Knowing what’s happening in a timely manner is critical for converters to take advantage of opportunities and work around roadblocks.

With that in mind, Shell Polymers created resources, procedures, and teams to enable converters to get the information they need, when they need it. Here are some of the ways Shell Polymers is redefining polymer supplier transparency to enable business success for converters:

Knowing Where to Go

We want to be a polymer supplier that's easy to do business with. To that end, our Customer Hub provides converters with a central digital location where they can manage and monitor their relationship with Shell Polymers.

Converters can submit inquiries regarding invoices, shipments, and more. Plus, they can access transparent records and status updates about any prior queries.

Tracking Things, Every Step of the Way

Converters should know – and not have to guess – where their shipments are. So each railcar is equipped with GPS tracking. We’re one of the first polymer suppliers with GPS on its entire railcar fleet.

Customers can take the guesswork out of railcar tracking with near real-time map-based tracking and dynamic progress updates. Converters can sign up for alerts and notifications from the hub via email and/or text messages to track shipments, and we’ll also have Customer Relationship Coordinators (CRCs) acting as a human shipment-tracking backup and letting you know about any ongoing issues.

Having an Open Line & Getting an Open Ear

Few things are more frustrating than not knowing who to call or not getting a prompt reply from your polymer supplier.

That’s why each of our converters has a dedicated Customer Relationship Coordinator. You can talk to a real person about real challenges. They will also monitor your orders and identify and address issues for you.

Building (Real)ationships Focused on You

We’re putting converters at the center of everything we do and making sure they are heard. That way, converters get a polymer supplier that aligns its work around them – and not the other way around.

Our priority is to understand your unique business needs and form REAL relationships – what we call a (Real)ationship – with you. As part of that, we will:

  • Uncover your unique needs to provide personalized support
  • Monitor relevant industry trends on your behalf—all while seeking out your feedback each step of the way
  • Address potential supply chain hiccups before they become problems.

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