Our Monaca, Pennsylvania polyethylene plant is state-of-the-art, but all that carefully designed and constructed infrastructure wouldn’t mean much without an expert team running the show.

Laser-Focused on Converter Needs

A deep understanding of customer needs and expectations is a key value at Shell Polymers. Based on more than 1,000 hours spent interviewing converters, we know that (Real)ationships, paired with resin quality and consistency, are top-of-mind.

We’ve assembled a deeply experienced team to keep us focused on providing unrivaled customer experience. That includes, among others, our technical experts and account teams. With experts helping our customers across these teams, we are poised to provide converters with a new kind of customer experience.

Let’s explore how those experienced professionals will help our customers succeed.

Experienced Account Teams

In today’s competitive landscape, a top-notch customer experience isn’t just a nice-to-have: It’s a must.

At our polymer plant, our customer experience experts are tasked with building (Real)ationships. No, that’s not a typo, (Real)ationships are how we describe the experiences we create by listening to customers.

They are more personalized experiences for converters and they start with our Account Managers and Customer Relationship Coordinators (CRCs). Account managers are charged with providing customers with the proper attention and helping to meet their evolving needs. The idea is that when converters interact with Shell Polymers, their contacts will have an in-depth knowledge of their business, making them uniquely suited to help solve challenges.

Kim Bace, Distribution Account Manager, describes it this way: “To create an unrivaled customer experience, to truly set us apart from our competition, we need to build the brand based on customer-centricity.”

CRCs work alongside account managers to provide customers with one-on-one support. They oversee the entire ordering process, from initial customer onboarding through invoicing and collections. CRCs also communicate proactively with customers, such as alerting them to any delayed shipments due to rail problems or other issues. That kind of advanced notice allows customers to adjust accordingly on their end, as quickly as possible.

CRC Maria Huff says this of her relationship with customers: "I always urge my customers to let us know how we can make their life easier. They often want to know that their orders are confirmed, or that they have shipped on time, whether there are any delays or whether we are open to delivering rush orders, and it’s my job to know the answers to those questions."

Technical Experts: Confidence and Relationship-Builders

Two-way communication and a collaborative dynamic are key aspects of Shell Polymers’ plans to redefine status quo customer-supplier relationships in the polyethylene industry.

Equally important: giving converters confidence that our polymer plant can deliver high-quality, consistent polyethylene resins. Analysis and testing are vital to ensuring quality and consistency that satisfies converters and brand owners. Inconsistent resin can lead to product quality problems, production delays, and higher costs, so spotting problems early is key to ensuring we are producing the right pellets for our customers.

That’s where our technical experts come in.

Working in our Analytical Lab, Application Hall, and other areas of our newly constructed polymer plant, these experts include chemists, engineers, polymer scientists, and others. They possess vast expertise across and within various converter applications, including blow molding, injection molding, film extrusion, pipe extrusion, and rotomolding.

Together, these technical experts are instrumental in qualifying polyethylene resins, ensuring quality and consistency, testing parts made from our polyethylene resins, and collaborative troubleshooting with customers.

Our expert staff, coupled with state-of-the-art facilities and commercial-scale machinery, is a winning recipe for building (Real)ationships that better meet converter needs, according to Dan Falla, Senior Technical Service Engineer, and film specialist.

“Our state-of-the-art conversion machines are critical but so is our expertise: we’ll have industry-leading technical experts on-site to work with customers,” Falla said.

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