When You Talk, We Listen!

It sounds simple enough. But how do we ensure we’re hitting the mark?

We listen and we also measure.

As we were preparing to build the Shell Polymers Monaca, Pennsylvania polyethylene plant, Shell Polymers conducted over 1,000 hours of interviews with converters.

“We like to keep the pulse on how customers in the industry are feeling and the challenges they face in the day-to-day,” says Nicole Buimer, Customer Experience Manager. “What we’ve heard is that they felt they weren’t being heard, and communication was lacking.”

We’re focused on building trust and real (Real)ationships with our customers to drive the best possible experience. Our (Real)ationships and our boot-on-the-ground approach have inspired how we’ve designed and built our team, our plant, and our processes – to put customers at the center of our decision-making.

We’re developing a holistic program to measure our customers’ experience and close the feedback loop with our customers.

We hope customers will share their honest feedback about their experiences with Shell Polymers, whether through brief email surveys or in conversations with their Account Managers or Customer Relationship Coordinators.

“We know that customer needs will continue to evolve and change, so the more customers that share feedback with us, the more we’ll be able to evolve our experience to meet their needs,” Buimer says.

Using Data and Technology To Evolve Customer (Real)ationships

Shell Polymers is a different breed of polymer supplier, so we’re not just collecting data and letting it sit on a shelf.

We are looking to amplify converters’ voices and show our customers we are taking them seriously, so we’ve set north star metrics to guide, are implementing a detailed voice of customer program, and are enabling a closed loop feedback process to elevate our experiences more real-time.

By listening to our customers’ feedback thus far, we’ve learned that supply chain transparency is a challenge faced by many converters, so we continue to invest in technology to meet and exceed converters’ need for the most up-to-date information about their orders.

That includes equipping 100% of our railcars with GPS units, so customers can always know exactly where their shipment is on its route, in tandem with our state-of-the-art Customer Hub notifications, providing proactive communication about any delays that may arise.

Our Innovations Are People-Powered

Data and technology will certainly support our evolution, but it’s our people that will enable and drive a better holistic experience and take our customer (Real)ationships to the next level.

We will act on customer feedback, which could influence anything from the ways we communicate to the products that we offer. In the end the goal is the same: to provide more value to converters through high-quality, reliable polyethylene resins and an unrivaled customer experience.

When you combine this type of listener mindset with data-driven solutions and new technology, you get a winning formula for a different kind of customer experience.

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