Welcome Polymer Professionals, Businesses, and Colleagues

I’d like to officially welcome you to the Shell Polymers LinkedIn Page -- the place where we will be sharing engaging content that addresses the people, technologies, and trends that are driving transformation in the polymers industry.

Since we launched the Shell Polymers brand, I’ve been focused on gathering an extensive team of PE thought leaders to help us build our state-of-the-art Pennsylvania plant. Thanks to their work, this facility is poised to reshape the PE industry in North America and set a new standard for customer experience.

As our team continues to make these strides, we needed a place to post the latest updates, not just about our plant and Polymer Pioneers, but about everything that’s shaping the PE landscape. That’s why our new LinkedIn page will be a news and information hub that hosts the most engaging content from our company and polyethylene pioneers.

Changing the Polymer Industry

As we launch this new venture, our #1 goal is to create a customer experience that caters to your needs. That’s why we conducted dozens of interviews with plastic converters across the USA and heard the challenges you face first hand -- from advanced forecasting and price negotiations, to supply chain management and supplier coordination. Thanks to these conversations, we’ve created a plan that will allow Shell Polymers to deliver an unrivaled experience: through our values, people, processes and digital customer experience.

When it comes to building our relationship with you; our customer, hiring the right people is huge. To do that, we look for individuals who really believe we can make a positive difference by disrupting the way the industry works. These people have a little bit of edge to them, because they’re excited to go against the grain and change this industry by making business personal. That’s the attitude I love and I feel like we’ve been so fortunate to assemble a team that personifies this ethos and has over 750 years of collective PE experience.

"We look for individuals who really believe we can make a positive difference by disrupting the way the industry works."

That said, to create seamless, convenient customer interactions, people are just one half of the equation. We have to empower them with a digital experience that works, so they can truly have an impact on your business. That’s why our team is working on a way to make issues like delayed deliveries -- an unfortunate reality of doing business -- more manageable by reporting and solving delays proactively. Similarly, we’ve discovered that having resources like a local, dedicated and knowledgeable customer service professional who understands the unique needs of your business eases your stress, so we’re exploring that as well.

The Purpose of Our LinkedIn Page & What to Expect

As we continue building a business that emphasizes transparent communication and keeps customers in the know, I’m excited to use our new LinkedIn page to give you a front-row seat into our progress. There you’ll get access to a series of technology tips, team profiles and PE trends that make it easy to see how we’re leading the way in the polyethylene industry and changing the way business is done with a person-to-person approach that’s true to our core values.

I know Shell Polymers is really going to make a difference. From the people we’ve hired, to the customers we work with, to the way we interact with the community we operate in, we are going to have a huge impact in this space. That’s why I look forward to having you join us as we start this industry-wide revolution.


Emma Lewis

General Manager, Shell Polymers

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