The Latest Tech, for Peerless Pellets

The polymer science laboratory at our Monaca, Pennsylvania polyethylene plant will be able to study the morphology of pellets and test particular variables in real time through our application testing lab’s online pellet analyzer. That polymer analysis helps the plant control what we’re producing for each reactor and also reduces the number of quality tests that are required on the finished pellet.

With real-time product quality data, production is able to tune their process as they’re producing the pellets. So, if a certain value is beginning to trend up or down, they can make adjustments immediately to get back within a narrow band to enable product consistency.

Plus, our polymer science team produces advanced polymer models that combine all the data generated from its analyses and tests. These feature chromatography, crystallization, rheology and mechanical properties and reveal what is happening at a molecular level, like whether one material is processing differently than another and whether the resulting strength is of the polymer. Knowledge of advanced rheology and characterization capabilities are critical for converters to consistently get the best product.

Global Capability, Utilized Locally

Our polymer scientists can access state-of-the-art equipment and techniques for polymer analysis not usually available at site labs or from other polyethylene resin suppliers. For example, at the Shell Technology Center Houston, we can access high-resolution nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) that provides detailed structural information of polymers that can be used for product development, ensuring product integrity, and other quality control considerations. We can also leverage modeling and IT system support from across the group for further polymer development.

That’s just one area where Shell Polymers can access Shell’s global network. We can also leverage:

  • World-class talent from an array of business and technical lines
  • Our own upstream-produced feedstocks
  • Technical knowledge and experience to address any customer’s needs

We can contribute to overall business success, not just polymer-specific wins, by helping customers with more than just polymers. For instance, we can connect a customer with Shell Lubricants if they need specialized lubricants for their machines. Plus, we can offer insights around how best to store and use their existing lubricants to get the most value out of their investment.

Leveraging Ideas From Around the World

Our customers can also tap into the wisdom of the Shell Expert and Lab Managers Network – made up of lab managers from across Shell’s worldwide network – which meets regularly to share ideas and innovations that come from our experts with diverse backgrounds. While various Shell sites generate different product offerings, they all use similar analytical equipment and follow laboratory best practices. That means the network’s collaborative dialogue can enable innovation that applies to many sites simultaneously.

We’ve also collected talent from around the world to be part of our Polymer Pioneers and Pros. Customers will be able to glean their insights at our Pennsylvania plant. Their years of industry experience and in-depth knowledge of polyethylene and the polymer business help them understand the daily challenges that converters face and develop multi-faceted solutions that help converters succeed.

We Want to be Your Long-Term Collaborator

We’re new to the polymers game, so we view things differently. That means we are focused on long-lasting relationships instead of simply pushing product. We know that your business needs evolve, and we are ready to grow alongside them. Our people and polymer testing laboratory have the curiosity and backing to drive a learner mindset that keeps your best interests in mind.

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