Shell Polymers makes transparency and accountability easy for converters who just want to know where their shipment is

Shell Polymers is leveraging technology and teamwork to improve customer experience and supply reliability through greater supply chain transparency, modernizations that work with a client’s existing systems, and a lean-in mentality promoting listening to and collaborating with our customers.

For converters looking for supply chain diversification, we’re making it easier for customers to ask questions and get answers from a polyethylene supplier so we can earn their trust and build a REALationship with them. 

Hypothetical Case: Converter X Feels Ignored by Polymer Suppliers

Let’s imagine the case of hypothetical Converter X, who has historically had challenges working with polymer suppliers who were less than open in their communication style. Because of that, far too often, Converter X:

  • Doesn’t know where shipments are at any given moment
  • Has a hard time getting updated supply shipment information
  • Doesn’t feel aware or listened to by their supplier

Converter X has struggled with supply chain transparency for quite some time, and it's become a significant pain point for accurately forecasting their supply. As a result, they seek help in increasing their supply reliability and give Shell Polymers a try as a polymer supplier.

Converters Can Discover Solutions With Shell Polymers

Right away, Converter X feels empowered by Shell’s tools and polymer experts team. That includes the digital Customer Hub, where Converter X can track railcar shipment in real-time. That allows for accurate planning & adjustments. It’s just one way we’re leveraging Industry 4.0 to create a better experience and a more reliable supply for converters.

Through the Customer Hub, Converter X also receives data that helps with business planning and tracks & views inquiry history from submission to solution. That helps Converter X see patterns and underscores Shell Polymers’ commitment to transparency. Plus, Converter X can track and get alerts using their mobile phone, as the Customer Hub is simple and user-friendly.

Converter X also has a dedicated Customer Relationship Coordinator (CRC), who monitors Customer X’s account to quickly and easily find railcar problems for shipments. That helps Shell Polymers alert Converter X about any issues promptly so that the converter can adjust and plan accordingly.

Converters Get Relationships; Not Just Resin Supply

But it’s not just the tools and team that empower Converter X; it’s the tone Shell Polymers takes with them and all customers. We see the value in establishing and building relationships. We’re real people who want a comfortable, casual, and genuine conversation with converters. We’re engaged, enthusiastic, excited, animated, and invested in our customers and their success. To us, it isn’t just a transaction, and we’re not just a polymer supplier. We want to know what you want and need, and we want to help make it happen.

From start to finish, Converter X gets a personal, professional experience, no matter where the converter is in their business journey. That’s a commitment Shell Polymers is making to all converters we work with.

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