Experience You Can Trust: Shell Polymers Has Decades of Chemical Transport Experience

Experience You Can Trust: Shell Polymers Has Decades of Chemical Transport Experience

Shell is far from a new face in the chemical transport space. In fact, the petrochemical arm of Royal Dutch Shell, Shell Chemicals, has been at the forefront of logistics technology for decades. As part of the Royal Dutch Shell network, Shell Polymers and our customers will benefit greatly from Shell Chemicals’ expertise and advanced technology.

By Shell Polymers on Aug 24, 2021

Not a New Kid When it Comes to Supply and Logistics

We understand the worry that some customers might feel when it comes to a new face in the space. With any new supplier, there is likely to be uncertainties around reliability and logistical savvy. But this isn’t our first logistics rodeo. In fact, the Shell Chemicals’ rail logistics team, the team that will be working with Shell Polymers’ customers, has deep expertise in moving rail in the US.

Rail Experts with Decades of Experience

Shell Polymers’ logistics team brings expertise and insights to our customers' businesses. For example, Production Unit Logistics Manager Chris Jackson has 20 years of experience in polymers logistics. Chris was instrumental in setting up our new plant’s logistics operations and as he puts it,

chris jackson

“It’s my job to ensure that our polyethylene reaches our customers safely, on time, and in the same great quality that we manufacture it, whether it arrives by rail or truck.”

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Logistics Manager Ryan Bickley is another important part of the team as he will focus on ensuring that we try to get every shipment to our customers when we say we will. Ryan was a big part of creating our agile, networked supply chain and will continue to keep customers’ businesses running with Shell Polymers’ logistics. Ryan is also responsible for managing Shell Polymers’ logistics partners, ensuring they follow safe operations.

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Chris Jackson and Ryan Bickley will be supported by supply coordinators like Rosalinda Brinkmeyer who have experience managing inventory and making sure that Shell Polymers is able to fulfill orders accurately, safely, and on time.

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All supply chain planning and execution will be managed by Polymers Operations Manager Joe Kelly. Joe uses his more than 30 years of experience to ensure safe, reliable, and cost-efficient feedstock, co-product, and finished product delivery to customers. He’ll also be integral in optimizing our terminals and yards to make sure customers are getting what they need, when they need it.

These experts helped create our logistical operations in a way that provides the flexibility needed to make real-time adjustments to shipments and meet our customers’ volume needs. That includes using truck and rail systems to give customers different options to get their supply. It also includes using the latest Industry 4.0 technology, such as artificial intelligence, to continually improve our process for customers.

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And those rail cars will be coming from our Shell-owned Storage in Transit (SIT) yard outside of Pittsburgh, which gives us a cost-effective and efficient way to get customers their supply. Plus, Shell’s industry-leading trucking capabilities provide our customers with shorter transit times and lower variability. And that doesn’t even include the logistics technology we’ll be using.

Work With the Latest Logistic Solutions

If our expertise and logistics setup isn’t enough to convince you of our readiness, let’s talk solutions. Our in-depth supply and logistics experience has taught us that we can always improve and evolve. That’s why we use state-of-the-art silo with the aim of top loading trucks in 15-20 minutes and preparing shipments in under an hour.

We also have the benefit of providing customers with different modes of supply, be it rail or truck. Our ability to move from railcar to truck quickly means that we can proactively choose how to send shipments to avoid any expected or unexpected delays. And much like the rest of our business, we are always looking at new ways of improving our logistics including advanced technology like artificial intelligence (AI) to help automate solutions to address issues that arise.

With decades of experience in chemical transport, a proven logistics team, and industry-leading solutions at our back, we are poised to help customers meet any and all of their supply chain needs.

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