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How Shell Polymers' Northeastern Plant Improves Polyethylene Supplier Relationship

We know there is nothing more important to polyethylene (PE) converters and manufacturers than a reliable polyethylene supply. After all, even minor shipment delays and product quality issues can be felt throughout the entire supply chain.

By Shell Polymers on Oct 23, 2019

At Shell Polymers, we understand that PE dependability translates to increased efficiency and lower operational costs. That’s why we’ve selected Pennsylvania for our state-of-the-art polyethylene plant.

Logistic Advantages for the Polyethylene Supply Market

Our new plant is strategically located in Monaca, Pennsylvania, just 30 miles northwest of Pittsburgh on the Ohio River. This area is within 700 miles of a majority of the US polyethylene converter market, so shipping delays and stressful, operational hold-ups can become a thing of the past.

The new facility will empower companies with a nearby PE supply and industry experts who are close to home. When this accessibility allows plastic converters to expedite operations and slash transportation costs, supply chains will systematically become shorter and more efficient. (Your business will welcome that boost to your bottom line!)

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Cutting-Edge Innovation in Your Backyard

This new plant will also introduce our application hall, a game-changing technological hub that will support customers throughout the entire Northeast polyethylene market. We know you may not always have the resources you need to make that big idea happen, so our revolutionary technical lab will contain commercial-sized conversion units for:

The resources we provide through the application hall will support customers right in their backyard and be home to technical polymer expertise.

Logistical Flexibility

Title: Converter Chronicle 7 - Distant Suppliers

Duration: 37 Seconds

Description: A short video about the benefit of Shell Polymers’ plant location 

Converter Chronicle 7 - Distant Suppliers Transcript

Working with a supplier that’s across the country can be hard.

That’s why SHELL POLYMERS picked an ACCESSIBLE Northeastern U.S. location.

This means 70% of current polyethylene buyers are within 700 miles of our Pennsylvania plant.

From railcar to truck, we offer the logistical FLEXIBILITY you need to get the job done.

Better logistics.

That’s one way we Break the Mold.

How We Will Break the Mold

The plant’s location and technology will help Shell Polymers set a new standard in speed, reliability, and most importantly, customer experience. To forge a new kind of buyer relationship, we conducted interviews with converters across the country to better understand the challenges PE businesses face every day.

Thanks to those conversations, we know there’s nothing worse than getting bad news, like a delayed shipment notice, at the last minute. That’s why we will be implementing technologies that connect with customers before an issue arises. Our proactive logistics management will provide supply chain transparency.

Customer feedback like this has been the driving force behind the new systems and innovative processes that will truly Break the Mold for the entire PE industry.

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