We’ve previously discussed the processes in place to ensure product quality, why converters value lot-to-lot resin consistency, and how Shell Polymers delivers that consistency . Now let’s look at the people behind that quality and consistency.

Quality Resin is a Must

Simply put, shortcomings in resin quality or consistency can decrease a converter’s production efficiency, lower the quality of its products, disappoint customers, and impact the bottom line.

Shell Polymers has invested in various technologies and processes to ensure converters’ quality and consistency standards are met, but state-of-the-art technology and quality control guidelines are only as good as the people who create and follow them.

Shell Polymers has a dedicated team of experts and customer support personnel. These employees represent the third leg of our strategy for meeting customer expectations and demonstrating to converters that we are dedicated to their success.

Working Alongside Our Customers

From a customer experience standpoint, no team at Shell Polymers is more important than our Customer Service Representatives (CRCs).

Our CRCs work with and focus on customers first and foremost. CRCs use their knowledge of each customer’s business and pain points to deliver personalized service, understand that converters have a lot on their plates and shouldn’t have to struggle to reach a customer rep when they need one.

Each of our customers gets assigned a dedicated team that includes an on-shore CRC, a salesperson, and a technical expert. These experts provide consistent one-on-one support and facilitate streamlined communication with each converter. And if a CRC happens to be on vacation? Worry not. Their assigned backup can quickly get up to speed on any account using our customer hub.

The Customer Experience team at our new plant includes Polymer Pros like:

  • Kim McPhillips, Senior Regional Sales Manager, who co-leads Shell Polymers’ U.S. sales team and has more than 30 years of experience in the plastics industry
  • Paige Fielding, Corporate Account Manager, who believes Shell Polymers’ innovative approach to customer-centricity sets it apart from other resin suppliers and could help us to modernize a legacy industry.
  • Nicole Buimer, Customer Experience Manager, whose twelve years of experience at Shell helps her engage with customers using the latest learnings from multiple industries.
  • Austin Brisco, Customer Relationship Coordinator, who makes it a goal to be there for customers when they need him in order to ensure prompt deliveries and a reliable supply.

Technical Service Expertise

To ensure we are producing the highest quality polyethylene product possible, we rely on a team of highly experienced technical experts that customers can collaborate with in our Applications Hall. This is where industry pioneers will work with customers to troubleshoot technical challenges without converters needing to shut down their own lines.

Our experts keep up to date with the latest plastics industry developments and insights. They are industry leaders who deliver talks and present research papers at conferences, and hold leadership positions in trade associations and certification bodies.

These Polymer Pioneers include experts like:

  • Dan Falla, Senior Technical Service Engineer, who has spent more than 30 years in application and product development, including helping to launch an innovative plastic roofing membrane product.
  • Dan Moldovan, Technical Services Team Lead, ​​is the Polyethylene Technical Service Team Lead at Shell. Dan has over 30 years of experience in the field, including leadership positions at a leading multinational chemical corporation.
  • Carl Baker, Senior Technical Service Engineer, previously developed a polyethylene pipe resin that can be used in higher temperatures. At our new plant, Carl will work in our application hall to troubleshoot customers’ technical challenges.
  • Elliot Carnevale, Technical Service Engineer, who specializes in injection molding and extrusion, will work to both solve customers’ existing challenges while preventing new ones from developing.
  • Michael Misco, Technical Service Engineer, specializes in blow molding and will work with customers in our application hall to solve problems and identify new opportunities.
  • Francisco Alvarez, Senior Technical Service Engineer, who will oversee resin design, drawing on his background in resin testing and design, and helping converters around the world improve productivity and part quality.

We’ll Get The Resin Where it Needs to Go

Shell Polymers has a deep bench of experts, but their expertise expands beyond plastics. They know logistics as well.

As calls for supply chain transparency and diversification in the industry continue to ring loud and clear, a top-notch logistics team is a must for converters to address supply challenges. Luckily, we have one ready and waiting to assist you. Our logistics team includes industry veterans and railroad experts with decades of experience.

The team includes Polymer Pros like:

  • Ryan Bickley, Logistics Manager, who is drawing on previous military and commercial experience as he works to establish a supply chain that will be able to deliver products reliably and on time to customers.
  • Tyler Sims, Logistics Specialist, who draws on problem-solving skills learned during his time in customer experience and as a firefighter to monitor and maintain plant equipment.

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