The polyethylene industry is growing rapidly, which means plastics converters must adapt to make sure they can scale production efficiently. We know navigating these changes will be a challenge for converters across North America. That’s why we’re giving our customers direct access to both our team of polymer thought leaders and our application hall with industrial-sized processing equipment to help develop creative solutions and support business growth.

Whether it’s in rigid or flexible plastic packaging, pipes, bottle caps and closures, toys, or anything in between, our Polymer Experts are dedicated to helping customers improve converting processes with their industry expertise and passion for development.

A Business Built By Industry Veterans

At Shell Polymers, we’ve hand-picked a leadership team of Polymer Pioneers who are dedicated to providing an unrivaled customer experience backed by decades of industry expertise. These qualified innovators are passionate about their work, the industry, and the customers they support. Their in-depth knowledge of polyethylene and the polymer industry helps them understand the challenges plastics converters face on a daily basis and develop multi-faceted solutions to address them. Emma Lewis, our General Manager, is one of the Polymer Pioneers cultivating this customer-centric culture and she’s excited to Break the Mold in every aspect of the business.

“We’ve heard, ‘That’s just how it works.’ Whether it’s product quality, consumer relationships, supply chain or inventory, people say, ‘That’s just the way it is,’ but we overcome that. I just love being told, ‘You can’t do it that way,’ because my response is always the same: ‘Let’s find a way!’”

“I just love being told, ‘You can’t do it that way,’ because my response is always the same: ‘Let’s find a way!”

-Emma Lewis, General Manager

Emma further explains how our strategy addresses relevant customer concerns, saying, “We spoke to a wide range of customers across the industry and it became clear that what they need most is supply reliability and dependable back end processes. The technical support we provide must be predictable and we have to be easy for customers to work with.” To further the leadership team’s understanding of the challenges converters face, our team spent hundreds of hours interviewing converters across the country. Thanks to these conversations, they pinpointed several areas of improvement that Shell Polymer will address in its business strategy.

Armed with this knowledge, Shell Polymers is leveraging decades of team experience to build a business that emphasizes transparent communication and proactively keeps customers involved in every step of the process.

State-of-the-Art Equipment Supports Industry Experts

Uptime is essential to the growth of your business, but it can be stymied when you have to shut down part of your plant to test new ideas. That’s why we’re building an application hall that will house commercial-sized conversion machines for all major applications such as multilayer blown polyethylene film, pipe extrusion, injection molding, extrusion blow molding, and rotational molding.

This unique facility will empower our Polymer Pioneers and Pros to work hand-in-hand with customers to tackle technical challenges and help develop solutions to improve business performance. Customers can also leverage our equipment to troubleshoot concepts without shutting down their own lines, causing unnecessary downtime or productivity loss. Plus, it is located at our Monca, PA polyethylene plant, which means a majority of polyethylene converters can access our Polymer Pioneers and facilities right in their backyard.

In addition to the application hall, the plant will also house an analytics lab and quality lab. In these buildings, our polymer scientists will conduct testing and troubleshooting to ensure that the resin is made right the first time, every time.

Stay Ahead of the Curve with Technical Expertise

Staying on top of industry trends and developments is crucial to remain competitive in a crowded market. That’s why we’ve hired an extensive team of experienced technical pioneers who help keep customers in-the-know about industry changes and the latest cutting-edge technologies through their industry involvement.

Polymer Pioneers like Carl Baker and Dan Falla hold leadership positions in key organizations, including the Plastic Pipe and Fittings Association, Plastic Pipe Institute, the American Society for Testing and Materials, Society of Plastics Engineers’ Flexible Packaging Division, and the Canadian Standards Association. Senior Technical Service Engineer Adriana Velasquez was also named the Vice Chairwoman of the Plastic Pipe Institute's Power & Communications Division.

Polymer Pioneers like Carl Baker, Dan Falla, and Adriana Velasquez hold leadership positions in key organizations that allow them to keep a finger on the pulse of industry innovation so they can advise customers on the latest trends.

Their participation allows them to keep a finger on the pulse of industry innovation, so they can advise customers on the latest trends. The knowledge that our pioneers gain in these roles is instrumental to helping customers find innovative solutions to their unique challenges.

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“I enjoy helping customers be successful and there are so many ways we can do that, whether it’s troubleshooting quality issues… or helping to improve productivity,” Carl Baker shares, “Whatever it may be, that support can be key to helping customers to improve their competitiveness.”

Dan Falla echoes, “I’ve helped several customers become extremely successful and, of course, that leads to jobs. If our support helps keep production here in North America, that’s a terrific outcome.”

“The most enjoyable part of my job is working to help our customers have the best product for their applications. There is nothing better than to present a new technology or a product to a customer and their eyes light up with excitement.”

- Dan Moldovan, Technical Services Lead

“The most enjoyable part of my job is working to help our customers have the best product for their applications.” Dan Moldovan, Technical Services Team Lead, elaborates, “there is nothing better than to present a new technology or a product to a customer and their eyes light up with excitement.”

At Shell Polymers, we give customers direct access to our team of Polymer Pioneers for technical expertise and support. The knowledge they’ve gained from years of industry experience and involvement has made them uniquely equipped to be a valuable resource for converters in the polymers market.

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