When we launched Shell Polymers, we also unveiled our desire to disrupt the polyethylene industry by innovating the customer experience and eliminating customer pain points. That understanding started with over 1,000 hours of research and interviews focused around converter challenges. Our experts use that knowledge to implement customer service practices that address specific converter needs.

Even with the research and time Shell Polymers has put into the industry, innovation meets resistance. Whether it is processes and consumer relationships or polymer supply chain and inventory, people say, “That’s just the way it is.” But, because we’re working with some really progressive, forward-thinking companies, we’re finding solutions.

Something that’s pushing us forward is that, within Shell, Shell Polymers is being allowed to be an incubator and to try a lot of different things in this space. It would be difficult to do some of these in an established business. It’s like being in a Silicon Valley start-up environment, but with the support of a big brand like Shell. It’s a fascinating place to sit.

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So what is Shell Polymers doing differently? For starters, our state-of-the-art polyethylene plant brings unique and competitive advantages to the market. Most resin suppliers are located near the Gulf, creating a longer supply chain to northeastern converters, as well as risks of weather-related supply disruptions.. Shell Polymers is addressing this challenge by locating its new plant on the Ohio River in Monaca, Pennsylvania. That puts us in a strategic location for the majority of North American polyethylene buyers. Our plant also uses modern production technology like a robust notification system and a proprietary digital hub, as well as advanced logistics technology like rail tracking to help improve customer experience and reduce miscommunications around shipments and silos top-loading infrastructure that gets trucks loaded in 15 to 20 minutes and minimizes the touch points that can degrade resin quality.

Our plant will use advanced technology like a robust notification system, proprietary digital hub, and truck and rail tracking to help improve customer experience and reduce miscommunications around shipments.

We are also keeping ourselves and our customers up-to-date with the latest industry trends and information. By understanding how the polyethylene industry is changing, we can help converters position themselves for success, both now and in the future.

We are also working with a committed team of polymer experts that bring industry expertise and an unrivaled customer experience to everyone we work with. With an extensive team of exceptional talent that has a mandate to think creatively to innovate the customer experience, we have no doubt that we can revolutionize the PE industry.

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