Business meeting about changing the PE industry

You can’t change the PE industry? Just watch us!

By Emma Lewis on Dec 26, 2019

When we launched Shell Polymers a few years ago, we also unveiled our desire to disrupt the polyethylene industry by innovating the customer experience and eliminating customer pain points.

Many in the sector were skeptical, but I'm pleased to report that we're breaking new ground and in the process of developing cutting-edge tools, processes and systems.

Naturally, innovation meets resistance. Whether it is processes and consumer relationships or supply chain and inventory, people say, “That’s just the way it is”. But, because we’re working with some really progressive, forward-thinking companies, we’re finding solutions.

For example, we recently took an idea to a logistics company and their initial response was: “That’s never going to work; that’s not the way the industry operates.” Then, when we explained that we wanted to work with them to do something a little bit differently, they started to explore solutions with us and some genuinely interesting opportunities came out..

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Something that’s really helping is that, within Shell, Shell Polymers is being allowed to be an incubator and to try a lot of different things in this space. It would be difficult to do some of these in an established business. It’s like being in a Silicon Valley start-up environment, but with the support of a big brand like Shell. It’s a fascinating place to sit.

With an extensive team of world-class talent that has a mandate to think creatively to innovate the customer experience, I have no doubt that we are on the verge of revolutionizing the polymers industry.


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