Shell Polymers’ new blow molding machines are fully commissioned and running. Housed in our Application Hall, these machines represent a major milestone in the progress of our polyethylene plant. Let’s take a look at these pieces of equipment and see how they’ll help the converters we work with.

Mirroring What Converters Have On-Site

Our goal is to use commercial-size equipment that is similar to the machines our customers use so we can better mirror their experiences. The two blow molding machines we have on-site include a Kautex electric continuous extrusion shuttle machine with the option of either a mono-layer flowhead or a CoEx6 flowhead. There is also a Uniloy mono-layer, two-station, reciprocating screw machine. See Machine Specifications

These machines were identified based on their reputations in the field and through conversations we’ve had with converters. By listening to converters and understanding their common challenges, we’re better able to tailor the machines we use and practices we follow to address those issues.

By acquiring commercial-size equipment, Shell Polymers continues its commitment to closely working with converters. This will also help us to generate processing data that will help bridge gaps with converters. It’s our belief that by sharing data we can better understand our customers’ challenges and how best to address them.

Reduce Line Shutdowns in Your Plant

The biggest benefit our customers will see from our new blow molding machines is the ability to troubleshoot production issues and run trials directly on our machines. Typically, converters need to shut down their own lines to run trials or troubleshoot issues. With Shell Polymers, they’ll be able to use our machines as an extension of their own operations, avoiding costly downtime altogether.

For example, if a converter has to shut down one of three machines, they’ll reduce production capacity by a third. Typically, a trial translates eight hours of downtime and it can be even longer if it’s a troubleshooting issue that can’t be easily addressed. Having even a single line down for just eight hours can cost a converter a staggering number of final products in a day’s batch.

Now imagine that the converter could forego troubleshooting on their own machines altogether. By working with Shell Polymers, the customer can try to replicate the parameters on our machines instead. This provides converters with an off-site testing location and a way to optimize processes without sacrificing productivity.

Further, we’ll have the option to install a converter’s exact tooling into our Kautex blow molder. Typically, it is very difficult to correlate lab trial data to a production setting, for various reasons. By having this option to complete trials on converter molds, as well as a commercial scale machine, we are able to help bridge that gap. These in-depth insights will enable us to provide converters with ways to improve productivity, troubleshoot challenges, and avoid costly shutdowns

Our Commitment to the Blow Molding Industry

A capacity to listen and a learner’s mindset are big parts of Shell Polymers’ approach to working with converters. By listening to converters and basing our equipment off their needs, we have a better chance to assist in their success. This customer-centric approach is one way we work to build trust with our customers and enhance our relationships.

Shell Polymers is constantly looking at the future of our industry, and a big part of that is the equipment we use every day. The Kautex machine, for example, is a fully electric machine which is becoming more popular as sustainability efforts increase. Deciding to commission and use this machine was a no-brainer because it’s what our customers use and where the industry is headed.

Our team is always listening to our customers and the industry at large. Understanding what trends are out there and which of them are worth following is key to not just our success, but our customers, too. We look to source the most current technology possible so that we mirror what our customers are using. And those who are looking to upgrade can use our machines to help make a business case for their own purchases.


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