In a world with endless options, an “above-and-beyond” approach to the customer experience is what will set companies apart in the future. To stay ahead of the curve, top-tier industrial polymers suppliers like Shell Polymers are building customer service teams who create outstanding buyer relationships, logistical processes that streamline business, and the technical infrastructure to support supply chain transparency and reliability.

Delivering Dedicated Support

It’s tough to get the best customer service when calls are fielded by multiple representatives from around the world. Instead, we believe customers deserve individualized support and proactive communications from a dedicated account manager and customer relationship coordinators who know you and your business.

At Shell Polymers, we foster personal relationships and give customers an inside look at our operations to prevent business objectives from being derailed by surprise issues. It’s our mission to hire team members who are tuned in to every facet of the business, so we can serve our customers quickly and efficiently.

Implementing IT Tools in Logistics

In a high-tech industry like PE manufacturing, technology and humans should work together to offer customers a seamless experience. That’s why polymer suppliers need to give customers peace of mind with best-in-class logistics tools, equipment, and proactive communication processes that notify them before an issue comes up.

To build a logistics operation that’s on par with the best in the industry, the new Shell Polymers polyethylene plant will feature the latest, high-quality technology. For example, smart rail and truck shipment monitoring will minimize transportation delays; and automated inventory tracking will create more transparency for rapid decision-making. We’re also improving tracking potential by implementing automated scheduling and loading to minimize human error.

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Plus, all logistics capabilities are being built so we can easily upgrade and adopt next-generation technology when it becomes available to continue serving our customers more efficiently. All of these methods are ways to incorporate always-on tools and support that create a seamless logistics experience.

Learn how our IT Program Manager, Alan Maupin, is providing customers with the right tools and technology to improve business processes.

Technology Tools for Customer Experience

Title: Alan Maupin

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A short video of Alan Maupin speaking about Shell Polymers.

Alan Maupin Transcript

[Alan Maupin, speaking to camera]

I believe in delivering the unrivaled customer experience. Making the experience matter means to me that we are going to ensure that our customers have the right tools in their hands to both interact and manage their business with Shell. We are going to deploy the best technology we can that’s going to enable our customers to not only do business easily with us, but to track their business and know and have confidence that we’re going to deliver the products to them when they need it. I am Alan Maupin and I believe in Shell Polymers.

Providing On-Call Technical Experts

Collaboration with seasoned technicians is essential for businesses that want to be a driving force in the PE industry. That’s why it’s an invaluable competitive advantage to work with a polymer supplier that provides direct access to its technical experts right in your backyard.

Shell Polymers’ team of in-house technology specialists and industry pioneers use their in-depth polymer experience to help our customers troubleshoot and develop solutions that will improve business processes. With our state-of-the-art Application Hall, our customers will have access to the latest conversion equipment and decades of industry expertise to tackle even the toughest challenges. Our polymer experts are committed to being readily available to deliver the unrivaled customer experience by being readily available and putting each company’s unique needs first.

We strive to Break the Mold by implementing customer service practices that put business needs at the forefront. Our staff works in tandem with the latest technology to ensure converters receive proactive communication and high-quality product. Sign up for updates to learn more about Shell Polymers’ dedication to customer service.

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