Welcome to 2021.

A Reason To Be Thankful: Looking Back on 2020 to Progress into 2021

Welcome to 2021.

By Shell Polymers on Dec 31, 2020

After the historic events of 2020, many people have been anxiously waiting to hear those words. After all, people everywhere just spent the last 365 days navigating the first pandemic since 19181, record-breaking natural disasters2, and all sorts of shocking news in their feeds.

The start of a new year is a good time to reflect and prepare for the year ahead. Studies show that practicing gratitude can have a positive impact on depression, motivation, and engagement, helping individuals experience better overall mental well-being.3 As we look back on the crazy days that made up 2020, we wanted to take a second to show gratitude for the good that still prevailed.

It’s no secret that 2020 has been a challenging year for a lot of people. COVID-19 has not only caused major economic disruptions, but it has also brought its share of natural disasters and shifts in consumer expectations that all companies have had to maneuver with enhanced hygienic standards and less on-site staff.

In 2020, polymers such as polyethylene have proven essential in the battle against the virus. Plastics News explains it best, saying, “plastic products are critical weapons on the front lines in the battle with COVID-19. Obvious examples include clear shielding, nasal swabs, test kits, ventilators, masks and personal protective equipment. But that's just scratching the surface… We saw dozens of firms use their 3D printing and fabrication expertise to make face shields. Thermoformers and film extruders started making PPE. Toolmakers and injection molders made ear savers and medical products.”

So, to start, we’re thankful for polymers, the products that they make that are helping protect us during the pandemic, and the front-line workers that use them.

Three More Things We’re Thankful For At Shell Polymers

1. Our People

At Shell Polymers, we’re eagerly anticipating the opening of our new polyethylene plant. So much so, we’ve published several articles on it throughout 2020 showcasing the different logistics and Industry 4.0 manufacturing technologies we’re implementing in it.

While we’re thankful for the ability to build our project from the ground up backed by the experience of Shell, and handpick advanced technology to build the plant of the future, we don’t want to lose sight of the people behind the project.

From the construction crew who has persevered through a challenging year bringing our plant to life, to the passionate leadership team ensuring everything progresses safely, and everyone in between. At the end of the day, we understand that supply chain improvements and progressive technology can only take you so far. In this business, and in any business, it’s always the people that matter. In addition to leading the project with integrity, our leaders are also dedicated to bringing on a diverse range of team members to build the business. From the account managers who work closely with customers to our technical service team, we’re proud to have a team that has in-depth knowledge of polyethylene and how it can benefit PE converters.

We’re thankful for every single one of them doing their part to bring Shell Polymers’ vision to life.

2. Community Partners 

COVID-19 is impacting households in various ways. With economic fluctuations and the surge in unemployment, more households are finding it harder to put food on the table or bring in income. Feeding America reports, “should unemployment and poverty increase to the level of the Great Recession, 9.9 million more people may experience food insecurity. In a more extreme scenario, the number of food-insecure individuals could rise by 17.1 million.”4

Throughout 2020, we had the opportunity to partner with several organizations to help our local community through this challenging time. For example, in September, the Shell Polymers team joined forces with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Community College of Beaver County, and Convoy of Hope5 to distribute food and disaster recovery relief supplies in a COVID-friendly, drive-thru format.

Read More: Tackling Food Insecurity in Beaver County with the Pittsburgh Steelers

And that’s just one example. Since the start of the Shell Polymers project, we’ve had the opportunity to partner with many other inspirational organizations that help make the local community a better place.

3. Our Customers

Of course, we would be remiss to write an article about thankfulness and not mention the one reason we’re all here - our customers. Since the announcement of Shell Polymers coming to Monaca, PA, the feedback has been exciting!

We’ve had great conversations with the companies who are ready for the new kind of polymer supplier relationship we're making the new standard for the industry. We’re excited to continue to build those long-term relationships and support our customers with talented polymer experts backed by the latest technology.

As the project progresses, we’re excited to continue listening to our customers' challenges and working to build a business that not only addresses those challenges, but Breaks the Mold of the industry.

Wishing you all a safe and reflective celebration of new beginnings! Happy New Year from our Shell Polymers family to yours!



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5 https://www.convoyofhope.org/