Meet Our Pro

Tyler Sims

Logistics Specialist

As the construction of its new polyethylene plant in Monaca, Pennsylvania continues, Shell Polymers has been hiring a team of industry experts, aka Polymer Pioneers and Polymer Pros, with proven track records in the plastics industry. In this Polymer Profile, we talked to Logistics Specialist Tyler Sims to learn more about his career and what he’s doing to improve the customer experience for Shell Polymers’ clientele.

Dotting I’s and Crossing T’s

On a typical day, Tyler is reviewing procedures, facilitating team meetings, and performing field walks in Monaca. During the walks, Tyler’s team ensures the project has been built according to design and up to quality standards. He also does so-called “sensory walks” where he makes sure plant equipment is operating correctly.

As crews were preparing for the plant’s opening Tyler was in the process of reviewing all of Shell Polymers’ procedures “to ensure all our I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed,” he says. Doing so was enabling Shell to train its new hires efficiently and effectively so they could be delivering an unrivaled customer experience.

The cross-team collaboration Tyler is part of is par for the course at Shell Polymers. Our teams work closely together to ensure that supply is never compromised and everything is designed with the customer top of mind.

"What sets Shell apart from other suppliers is our optimal location in the Midwest/Northeast region and most importantly, our care for our employees and customers.” - Tyler Sims

Using Tech for Faster Fixes

Tyler says his go-to tool -- his “handy dandy” digital tablet -- is a “lifesaver” in the field that helps him review and report problems in real-time, helping to ensure operations stay on track. Specifically, he uses digital tools to enter and approve maintenance notifications. That simplifies the process of entering maintenance requests by allowing Tyler to identify an issue in the field, take pictures, and immediately enter the request. Plus, it allows him to be proactive by acting in a timely manner. That keeps operations humming and client expectations on track.

Tyler is one of many agile change agents at our Monaca facility who embrace the latest tools to better do their jobs.

"I’ve always been told that feedback is a gift. Your invaluable feedback helps Shell Polymers get you exactly what you need, when and how you need it.” - Tyler Sims

Experience Comes From Everywhere

In addition to his 20-plus years of customer experience, Tyler has more than 15 years of experience in firefighting and hazardous material response. The problem-solving and dedication he refined as a first responder now serve him well in helping customers identify and overcome everyday challenges.

Tyler is excited to work with customers, and that anticipation appears to be mutual. “Hands-down the question I get the most is, when are we going to start up?” Tyler says.

From the plant to the business side, our empowered employees like Tyler are efficiently trained, armed with the right tools, and given the freedom to put the customer first. This customer-centric mentality is a cultural mindset that all employees adopt and hold.

Four Things Customers Can Expect When Working With Tyler

  • Attention to Detail

    I will be diligent in how our products are sampled and labeled.

  • Caring for Customers

    I will maintain my ‘Care for People’ attitude.

  • Always an Open Ear

    I will continue to listen to our customers to get their feedback.

  • Turning Advice Into Action

    I will use that feedback to implement new processes to improve the customer experience.

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