Rosalinda Brinkmeyer

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Rosalinda Brinkmeyer

Supply Coordinator

With the opening of its new polyethylene plant in Monaca, Pennsylvania, Shell Polymers has been hiring industry experts, aka Polymer Pioneers and Polymer Pros, who have a proven track record in polyethylene. For this profile we interviewed supply coordinator Rosalinda Brinkmeyer to discover the four ways she believes Shell Polymers will deliver an unrivaled customer experience.

A Day In the Life of a Supply Coordinator

While the plant is still under construction, Rosalinda and the Polymers team organize all their plans and operations around the goal of providing exceptional customer satisfaction.

She shares, “I manage inventory at the terminals and warehouses and create purchase orders based on the forecast for each month. I also work very closely with the Supply Manager to ensure inventory is being managed accordingly by utilizing our supply chain planning tool.”

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The Shell Polymers Difference

Like many positions at Shell Polymers, Rosalinda’s role requires superior attention to detail. “Managing inventory is critical to the unrivaled customer experience because this determines our ability to fulfil orders accurately, on time and safely,” Rosalinda explains.

“To make sure we deliver high performance in this area, I coordinate with the Supply Manager and the Commercial team to ensure we have the inventory the customer is requesting and then plan and coordinate the shipments.”

“We aim to exceed customer expectations, to hit their deadlines and to communicate with them daily.”

Rosalinda Brinkmeyer

What Sets Shell Polymers Apart

Rosalinda is helping Shell Polymers set itself apart with its focus on customers. “We aim to exceed customer expectations and hit their deadlines,” she explains.

“We also intend to communicate with customers daily, which is key because we understand the importance that converters place on reliability. They don’t want surprises during the delivery process.”

That said, if issues crop up she thinks Shell Polymers will go above-and-beyond to support customers because “we believe in long-term relationships.” This forward-looking thinking is what allows her team to create systems today that are built to serve future plastic converters.

Four ways Rosalinda believes Shell Polymers will deliver an unrivaled customer experience

  • The plant’s location means we can offer new levels of speed and reliability.

  • Because we understand the importance that converters place on reliability, we intend to communicate with them daily.

  • We believe in long-term relationships, which means we are committed to supporting our customers when issues arise and they need our help.

  • We’re implementing state-of-the-art tools designed to make ordering and logistics easy. 

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