Maria Huff

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Maria Huff

Customer Relationship Coordinator

With the opening of its new polyethylene plant in Monaca, USA, on the horizon, Shell Polymers has been hiring a team of industry experts, aka. Polymer Pioneers and Polymer Pros, who have a proven track record in polyethylene. In this profile, Customer Relationship Coordinator (CRC) Maria Huff talks about the importance of working efficiently and communicating well with customers.

Dedicated to Earning and Keeping Customer Trust

Shell Polymers’ unrivaled customer experience is largely thanks to CRCs like Maria who go out of their way to put customers first. They oversee the entire order-to-cash process, from initial customer setup all the way to invoicing and collections.

Maria has worked for Shell since 1989 and understands the value of having a strong relationship with each customer. With a background in account and sales management, Maria is acutely aware of the importance of earning and keeping customers’ trust. Her new role as a CRC means that she works directly with each customer to give the one-on-one support that makes Shell Polymers so reliable. Ensuring open two-way communication with her customers means that Maria is always ready to progress orders and act as soon as necessary.

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"I always urge my customers to let us know how we can make their life easier. They often want to know that their orders are confirmed, or that they have shipped on time, whether there are any delays or whether we are open to delivering rush orders, and it’s my job to know the answers to those questions."

Maria uses a dedicated CRC dashboard to monitor each customer order in real time. This enables her to communicate any changes to a customer as soon as they happen. She is also working with new tools and processes that make it more efficient for CRCs to set up new customers at the start of their business–customer relationship so that their first orders can be processed as quickly as possible.

Maria’s Top-Four Tips for a Successful Order-to-Cash Process

  • Stay organized

    Accurately setting up customers in the dedicated CRC dashboard from the start ensures that there are no delays throughout the project, particularly at time of ordering. Accurate record keeping is vital for maintaining customers’ trust.

  • Leverage available tools

    Use the right tool to monitor the fulfillment of customer orders. Shell Polymers is continually improving its management tools to make communication more efficient.

  • Check at every stage of the order

    Verify the product, quantity and pricing of orders. Keeping a close eye on each stage of an order enables any problems to be identified and remedied as soon as they occur.

  • Communicate throughout the project

    On customers’ behalf, work closely with all parts of Shell polymers, especially supply and logistics, to ensure the products are available and their deadlines can be met.

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