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Kim Bace

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As its new polyethylene plant in Monaca, Pennsylvania nears operation, Shell Polymers has been assembling a team of industry experts, aka Polymer Pioneers and Polymer Pros, with proven track records in polymers and their respective fields. In this article, we talk to Kim Bace and her role as a Distribution Account Manager.

Providing a Differentiated Customer Experience

Kim Bace is a Distribution Account Manager at Shell Polymers. She works with customers and internal teams every day to solve strategic problems. A typical day for Kim involves several activities dedicated to building long-term strategic relationships with customers. Doing that involves constant listening to the changing needs of customers and an understanding of the ever-shifting marketplace of our industry. Kim then translates those needs into specific solutions that solve unique business problems.

“The market we are in changes daily, so I must keep up-to-date on market dynamics and sustainability initiatives,” Kim says.

Kim interfaces closely with many internal teams at Shell Polymers. On any given day Kim can be working with Supply, Logistics, Technology, Legal, and Customer Support teams. Her work with these teams ensures an easy, transparent, and differentiated experience for our customers.

One of the exciting tools that enables that level of transparency is our Customer Hub. This next–generation portal includes many useful features like its rail car tracking system.

“We have GPS units on every rail car within our fleet, so our customers can see in real time where their rail car is located. This provides visibility and certainty to our customers by letting them know the exact location of the rail cars they have ordered,” Kim says.


“The market we are in changes daily, so I must keep up-to-date on market dynamics and sustainability initiatives.”

Kim Bace

  • Regular Communication

    Consistent touchpoints with customers helps ensure alignment and increases transparency between both parties.

  • Listen To Customer Needs

    Taking a genuine interest in our customers’ perspective is key. Learning their pain points and how to address them is the greatest value we can give to our customers.

  • Learn From Interactions

    With enough practice listening to our customers’ specific needs, we can start anticipating those challenges and provide solutions that help.

  • Think Outside The Box

    Innovative solutions are always appreciated and the time that is invested into creating those solutions will pay dividends.

Working Across Channels

One of the challenges that Kim tackles in her role is answering the question, “how does Shell access all channels of the market?” To extend Shell Polymers to all distribution channels of the market, Kim partners with key distributors who bring a range of depth of market experience. The experience must come from being an industry expert, a strategic branded partner able to cover a range of end-use applications and deliver value for both Shell Polymers and the distribution partner.

By creating these partnerships, Kim is helping our customers gain access to Shell Polymers while building strategic relationships that will help the market at large.

What Makes Shell Polymers Different

When it comes to differentiating itself, Kim believes that Shell Polymers biggest differentiator is how it does everything with the customer in mind.

“To create an unrivaled customer experience, to truly set us apart from our competition, we need to build the brand based on customer-centricity,” Kim says.

That level of customer-centricity can be as straightforward as transparent communication that converters are often asking for. It can also include more technical benefits, like the Customer Hub and the value it will bring to our customers. Either way, the goal is to keep the customer in mind as we continue working to solve their problems.

When it comes to advice for our customers, Kim thinks that providing feedback and keeping the line of communication open is key.

“The more collaborative the conversations can be, the more specific support we can provide to meet the needs of our customers,” Kim says.

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