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Julien Karlsson

Account Manager

With the opening of its new polyethylene plant in Monaca, PA, Shell Polymers has been hiring a team of industry experts, aka Polymer Pioneers and Polymer Pros, who have a proven track record in polyethylene. In this Polymer Profile, Account Manager Julien Karlsson shares more about his work at Shell Polymers and four key details about his business role

A Day in the Life of an Account Manager at Shell Polymers

Julien spends his days at Shell Polymers overseeing the end-to-end customer experience: from forecasting and order processing to pricing, contracting, delivery, and product quality. “I’m also involved in developing new business,” he adds.

“One of my main roles is to develop and maintain strong, long-term relationships with customers by learning about their businesses and their unique needs.” Julien knows that better customer experiences start with getting to know the customer.

Four key elements of Julien’s role

  • Overseeing the customer experience, from forecasting all the way to product quality

  • Developing and maintaining strong, long-term customer relationships

  • Learning about his customers’ businesses and their unique needs

  • Working with teams across the business to find ways to add value for his customers

Delivering An Unrivaled Customer Experience

At Shell Polymers, we’re focused on listening to our customers, understanding their challenges, and addressing those challenges head-on. In his role as an Account Manager, Julien works with customers to learn their needs and goals at an intimate level so he can deliver the best experience possible.

According to Julien, “By striving to improve continuously while listening to, empathizing with, and simply knowing our customers. In this way, I hope to not only address their needs and help them to thrive, but also to provide unprecedented satisfaction levels.”

“We are committed to improving the way business is done.”

- Julien Karlsson

Being a new market entrant gives us a unique opportunity to try to change the game for the better. We are committed to improving the way business is done and making the experience matter for our customers and third parties.

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Being part of a new business that is being designed to address customer pain points is particularly exciting. Furthermore, we’re creating thousands of jobs and revenue streams for a region in need of economic growth.

Reimagine the Customer Experience in the Polymers Supply Chain

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