Heather Fennell

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Heather Fennell

Technical Service Engineer

As its new polyethylene plant in Monaca, Pennsylvania nears operation, Shell Polymers has been assembling a team of industry experts, aka Polymer Pioneers and Polymer Pros, with proven track records in polymers and their respective fields. In this article, we talk to Heather Fennell about her role in our rotomolding offerings.

Rotomolding Processes Improvement

Heather’s department is working on qualifying resins to be used across a variety of specific market opportunities, from chemical containers to recreational equipment.

In addition to helping ensure startup readiness for our new plant, Heather is also working with the Association of Rotational Molders to tackle the challenge of longer cooling times in rotomolding. That collaborative team is developing trials using internal cooling devices to improve rotomolding cycle times and potentially make more parts per hour.

“Being a member of this association helps open a dialog to understanding what issues the industry is facing, from materials, to labor, to manufacturing,” she said.

The Pennsylvania College of Technology alum came to Shell Polymers with years of prior experience in plastics sales and engineering. She previously worked at the converter level, where she helped build a rotomolding plant from the ground up.

“This experience gave me an understanding of rotational molded products, from quality to manufacturing techniques and materials testing,” she said.

“Shell is providing more to the market than just polyethylene pellets.”

Heather Fennell

Going Above and Beyond for Customers 

Heather is working to help our customers in more ways than one. In addition to her ongoing rotomolding trial design and resin qualification duties, she’s even helping add polymer talent to the industry’s available workforce.

Heather also helps maintain our relationship with Penn College, where Shell Polymers has established a Rotational Molding Center of Excellence. The program aims to expose students to rotomolding, ultimately deepening the pipeline of talent from which converters can hire.

“Shell is providing more to the market than just polyethylene pellets,” she said. “We are working with colleges that have plastic programs and help fill the employment gap all of our customers see today.”

In addition, she’s also in touch with our pending customers who inquire about all the ways Shell Polymers is working to ensure that our resins are produced with consistency and high-quality, and applicable regulatory certifications.

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